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     Immunization Updates

    Attention Prince George’s County Public School Parents: Does your child have their immunizations for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year? Current 6th grade students will need the Tdap and Meningitis vaccines to enter 7th grade on September 4, 2018. Enrolling Kindergarten students will need two doses of Varicella (chicken pox vaccine). But guess what? There is no need to wait and get caught in the summer rush, not able to get an appointment before the school year begins or have your child excluded from school on the first day.

    Now is the time to act!  You can go to your primary care provider now to get your child immunized for the 2018/2019 school year. Other options include going to the local health department clinics, pharmacies, grocery stores and urgent care centers.


      Principal: Darryl C. Evans
      William W. Hall Academy

      5200 Marlboro Pike, Capitol Heights MD 20743


      Office: (301) 817-2933  Fax: (301) 817-2946   


      Assistant Principal: Tara Moore

      Assistant Principal: John Agnew



     Instructional Director: Dr. Kristil Fossett

     Associate Superintendent: Dr. David Curry


    School Hours: 7:45 a.m. to 2:25 p.m.
     Students are expected to arrive at 7:30 a.m. and are considered late
     for  school at 7:45 a.m.     


     Students are dismissed at 2:25 p.m.
     There is NO EARLY DISMISSAL after 2:00  p.m.

     Uniform Policy 2018-19

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