• Confidence Course

    The new and improved confidence course is filled with various engaging elements for student navigation.  Students in full harnesses will ascend to a safe height, clip in, and transverse various elements ending with a ride on the zip line.  It is REQUIRED that within the academic school year (no more than two months before the trip) at least one teacher has attended the Confidence Course training before a school’s arrival on campus.  That teacher must accompany their school AND function as the teacher at the confidence course at all times.  Those trained understand that if the required number of staff are not at the course it will be closed for the day. 


     Confidence Course Intro

    Training dates are listed below for schools attending the Schmidt Center  and have been posted on ERO.  The remaining 2017/2018 dates are as followed:

    No dates remain for this school year


    Participants must dress for the weather, almost ALL instruction takes place outdoors regardless of the weather conditions.

    This training is only offered to schools attending the Schmidt Center . Only two teachers per school can sign up for the training.

    Bring a Bag lunch; time will not permit participants to leave campus.  Your trip must occur within 60 days of this training session.


     Interested teachers should contact Travis Long at travis.long@pgcps.org for more information.  


    Confidence Course Ending