Falcon Staff  

 Valley View Elementary School is a place where all staff members understand the importance of rigorous instruction.  Whether through a sing-a-long activity, or through our use of “Strategies that Work”,  data and enrichment drives our instruction.  Our teachers and support staff believe in fortifying the futures of children.  Please feel free to email our staff with any questions or concerns.  Parents are our partners!           


Position Title Last Name First Name Email Address
ISEA Ray Nicole nicole.ray@pgcps.org 
TAG Coordinator Brown Deborah Deborah3.Brown@pgcps.org
School Nurse Brown Eartha Eartha.Brown@pgcps.org
School Counselor Carter NaKia Nakia.Bethel@pgcps.org
Pre-Kindergarten Cason Tawanna Tawanna.Cason@pgcps.org
Math Data Coach Cobble Monica monica.cobble@pgcps.org
2nd Grade      Best Shannon shannon.best@pgcps.org
Paraprofessional Davenport (Ransome) Donna d.ransomedavenport@pgcps.org
Principal's Secretary Clemencia Ebony ebony.clemencia@pgcps.org
Building Supervisor Bond William williams.bond@pgcps.org 
3rd Grade Falkowski Jolie  Joele.falkowski@pgcps.org
iCal/Tech. Coordinator Faraon Priscila Priscilajoy.Faraon@pgcps.org
2nd Grade Farrakhan Lesil Lesil.Farrakhan@pgcps.org 
4th Grade TAG Green Myra myra.lewis@pgcps.org
5th Grade Gilroy Jamie Jamie.Gilroy@pgcps.org  
ESOL Harden Soyini Soyini.Harden@pgcps.org
Music Hay Sydney Sydney.Hay@pgcps.org
Psychologist Adair      Paula paula.adair@pgcps.org
Media Specialist  Hill Binta Binta.Speakshill@pgcps.org 
Reading Specialist  Waiters Davida davida.waiters@pgcps.org 
Speech  Flynn Timothy timothy.flynn@pgcps.org
1st Grade Jones Chelsea Chelsea.Jones@pgcps.org 
4th Grade Jones Kendra  Kendra.Jones@pgcps.org
Pre-K  Paraprofessional Kelly Robin Robin.Kelly@pgcps.org 
3rd Grade TAG King Natalie  Natalie.King@pgcps.org 
Reading Data Coach Little Linda Linda2.Little@pgcps.org
5th Grade Marshall  Dorshawn  Dorshawn.Marshall@pgcps.org
Kindergarten Ortega Claudia Claudia.Ortega@pgcps.org
Special Education Palmer-Olalemi Takiyah  Takiya.Palmerolalemi@pgcps.org
Art Hacker Shelby shelby.hacker@pgcps.org 
Principal  Pettway  Kimberly  Kimberly.Pettway@pgcps.org 
Special Education Chair Phillipson Dawn Dawn.Phillipson@pgcps.org 
5th Grade TAG Kilpatrick Ella ella.owoundi@pgcps.org
5th Grade Pugh Pamela  Pamela2.Pugh@pgcps.org
2nd Grade TAG Rhodes JaCara  JaCara.Rhodes@pgcps.org
Instrumental Music Schroth Linda lschroth@pgcps.org
4th Grade Sethi Ratan Ratan.Sethi@pgcps.org
Pre-Kindergarten Taylor Tara  Tara.Taylor@pgcps.org
ESOL Reese June june.reese@pgcps.org  
Physical Education Walker Daryl Daryl.Walker@pgcps.org
3rd Grade White Phyllis Phyllis.White@pgcps.org
1st Grade Williams LaKisha  LaKisha.Williams@pgcps.org
Paraprofessional  Winston Linda Linda.Winston@pgcps.org
 Registrar Yates Curle  Curle.Yates@pgcps.og





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