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    Math Web Sites

    Addition and Subtraction: Whole NumbersAre You A Math Magician?
    That's A Fact!

    Multiplication and Division: Whole NumbersAre You A Math Magician?
    Multiplication Flash Practice

    Multiplication Flash Card Fun

    MoneyCounting Coins
    Shopping with Kristen, Ryan, and Evan

    Making Change From A Dollar

    Money Flashcards

    Making Bar GraphsCreate Your Own Bar Graph

    FractionsFishy Fractions: Greater Than and Less Than (click “Maybe Later”)Fishy Fractions: Equivalent Fractions (click “Maybe Later”)Fishy Fractions: Improper Fractions (click “Maybe Later”)Fishy Fractions: Simplest Form (click “Maybe Later”)Fishy Fractions: Adding (click “Maybe Later”)Fishy Fractions: Adding with Unlike Denominators (click “Maybe Later”)Fishy Fractions: Subtraction (click “Maybe Later”)Fishy Fractions: Subtraction with Unlike Denominators (click “Maybe Later”)

    Area and PerimeterArea Explorer (check "Only Draw Rectangular Shapes")
    Perimeter Explorer  (try checking "Only Draw Rectangular Shapes")

    MeasurementCustomary Measurement: Matching
    Measurement and Capacity: Rags to Riches

    Pre-AlgebraSpeed Grid Addition
    Speed Grid Subtraction

    Sum Sense Addition

    Sum Sense Subtraction

    blinkballKids Math Dictionary

    blinkballInteractive Math Resources


    blinkballMultiplication Practice

    blinkballMath Mayhem

    blinkballAAA Math

    blinkball4th and 5th Grade Math Resource

    blinkballWicked Quizits (Interactive Math Quizzes)

    blinkballTeach R Kids Math Site

    blinkballVirtual Manipulatives Library

    Student Research Web Sites


    U.S. Geological Service (USGS)





    Reading Web Sites


    kermitSesame Street

    blinkballPBS Kids

    blinkballPBS Kids Arthur and Friends

    blinkballSunshine Online (educational games)

    blinkballThe Magic School Bus

    blinkballReading is Fundamental

    blinkballPBS Stories to Read with Your Children



    Online Typing Practice

     Free keyboarding programs exist on the Web:

    Dance Mat Typing

    Peter’s Online Typing Course

    Touch Typing

    Skill builders:

    Typing with Yasmin