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How does the Local School System (LSS) approve community sites for service-learning?

The School-Based Service-Learning Coordinator approves community sites for independent service-learning hours.   Most sites are non-profit, tax-exempt community-based organizations; however, for-profit nursing homes, hospitals, and licensed day-care facilities are also acceptable service sites.

Students who want to complete independent service-learning hours at a site that is not registered with Prince George's Volunteer Center must complete the site approval form  and submit it to their school-based service-learning coordinator for approval prior to starting any service activities at the site. Sites submitted by students for approval must be a non-profit, tax-exempt community-based organization or a for-profit nursing home, hospital, or licensed day-care facility.

PGCPS will work to educate parents and students about the Service-Learning graduation requirements, the difference between service-learning and community service, and the importance of service-learning.  

Additionally, the Division of Academics will work with the Department of Television Resources and Web Services to produce an educational DVD about service-learning that will be aired on our television station, utilized in School Counseling Offices, and at parent workshops.  The DVD is  available on the web site.

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