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    Samuel Ogle is Going Green!!

    Maryland is the first and, thus far, only state that has implemented environmental literacy standards for all students. In keeping with this initiatives student, teachers, and administration at Samuel Ogle Middle School have worked over the last two years to achieve a culture of environmental awareness. We have a sustainable learning community that fosters in all individuals, children as well as adults, the idea of interconnection among our school and our homes, as well as the larger communities of our neighborhoods, our city, state, country and the global community itself.

    We believe the goal of education is one of recognition by the individual that the stewardship of our planetary resources and mutual responsibility for the well-being of one another rests with each of us. We reworded the Camp Schmidt slogan “A Cleaner World Starts With You” to “A Cleaner World Starts With ME” as part of our celebration of our ethos.

    The specific behaviors we have adopted include a focus on school wide recycling efforts, collaborative planning that is inclusive of a conceptual framework for environmental consciousness. We have transformed our common areas to reflect our focus with signage and structures to promote and enrich student awareness.

    The following activities have been or are in the process of being completed as part of our green school effort:

    1. Native species garden installation
    2. Rain barrel water source installation
    3. Butterfly garden installation - /Bowie Grant
    4. Twitter feed  setup
    5. Blog set up (Samuel Ogle Green Initiative)
    6. Bulletin board feature
    7. Morning announcement focus: Follow us on Twitter/Like our Blog and "A MOMENT OF SCIENCE"
    8. Litter/Trash removal on grounds
    9. Staff development activity (BTW)
    10. WSSC Program/ all grade levels/Water resources
    11. Bowie Environmental Sustainability Program/all grade levels Water resources/Composting
    12. Recycling increase of 170% Bins in all classrooms/common areas
    13. Capri sun recycle effort/for autism awareness
    14. Paper-free classroom initiative Mr.Bastianson/Mr.Pozen
    15. NO MOW zone enforced around large storm drain
    16. Outdoor classroom used by all grade level: cloud walks, micrometeor hunt, solar observations/plantings/
    17. Monarch way station awareness/butterfly release VIDEO
    18. Turtle and horseshoe crab habitat
    19. Flower garden installation out front
    20. School wide eclipse announcement and viewing
    21. OGLE FAMILY FUN DAY Environmental Activities
    22. Applied for and received National Wildlife Federation Certification for Gardenn
    23. Updates to Bowie Blade News
    24. NJHS/SGA Student leaders on Green Team/Coordinate activities
    25. SOMS Web page links to Blog and Twitter
    26. SOMS Web page link to  MAEOE site and PGCPS and PC County Green sites
    27. SOMS Web page link to City of Bowie Green site to access volunteer opportunities
    28. Raised vegetable gardens/proceeds to support Bowie Food Pantry
    29. Interactive Nature Trail with guiding handbook
    30. Chesapeake drainage stenciling “Bay Starts Here”
    31. Bay grass pilot program and trip grade 7
    32. Tree Planting
    33. Bird Feeders
    34. Field trip/Greenbelt: Water canaries - macro inverts
    35. OGLE FAMILY FUN DAY interactive display/activity 2015
    36. “NO Idle” area signage
    37. “NO Mow”   area signage
    38.  Earth Day posters (ARt)
    39.  Environmental awareness music feature (MUSIC)Earth (climate change)  day poems (RELA)

    The following are links to local, state and national sites that have information relevant to student environmental literacy - in addition may offer student service hours for green volunteerism.

    Many  student service opportunities are available through green volunteer programs.

    Maryland Environmental Literacy Standards

    City of Bowie Green Page

    PGCPS William Schmidt Environmental Center

    Prince Georges County Environmental


    Maryland Environmental Literacy Standards

    Maryland Department of Natural Resources


    Maryland Department of Environment

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

    National Science Foundation

    Environmental Protection Agency

    Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change


    Samuel Ogle encourages parents and students to investigate alternative enrichment opportunities and grant offerings.  The following sites are excellent resources for academic extension:


    Science and Engineering Festival

    Earth Day Celebration

    STEM sites for kids


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