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Research and Evaluation
Evaluation of the PGCPS Homeless Education Program, SY2016 

Carole Portas Keane, Ph.D. & Akilah D. Swinton, Ph.D.


Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) is required to conduct an evaluation of its Homeless Education Program (HEP) annually to ensure that the district is in compliance with laws and policies governing the provision of education to homeless students.  During SY2016, 2,924 students enrolled in PGCPS experienced homelessness.  The services that the district requires to help ameliorate the impact becoming homeless has on a student’s educational progression are immediate enrollment in school, free meals, and transportation.  Eighty-one percent of the students who experienced homelessness during SY2016 were already enrolled in PGCPS when they became homeless.  Of the students who were not already attending a district school when they became homeless, nearly 92% were enrolled within one day.  More than 95% were enrolled within one week.  According to data provided by the Office of Food and Nutrition Services,nearly 13% of homeless students did not participate in the FARMS program.  Among high school students who experience homeless, only about 80% participated in FARMS.  PGCPS Administrative Procedures require that homeless students receive needed transportation services within three school days.  In SY2016, only 55% of students who needed transportation received it within the three school-day compliance range; more than 80% of students had received transportation within one week.  Students who experienced homelessness in SY2016 were absent from school twice as often as similar non-homeless students.  The academic performance of homeless students was not significantly different from that of similarly performing students prior to becoming homeless; however, their performance trails the district average. 
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