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Research and Evaluation

School-based Staff Perceptions of the Career Academies in PGCPS  

 Akilah D. Swinton, Ph.D.  



This current report describes Career Academy school-based staff perceptions of and experiences with the Academies. The perceptions of the Career Academy school-based coordinators, teachers, counselors, and schedulers were captured through conducting interviews, facilitating focus groups, and administering a survey. Key themes (i.e., areas where there was a general consensus across various stakeholder groups) emerged regarding implementation support for Academies and training needs for school-based staff; improving the marketing, recruitment, and selection process for the Academies; and perceptions of the Academy learning environment. Recommendations for providing implementation support for Academies included the following: 1) consolidate support to schools, 2) provide Academy training to all, 3) foster a community of professional learning and knowledge sharing, 4) develop a less burdensome system for documenting implementation process, 5) modify the curricula development process, 6) clarify recruitment plan, 6) optimize recruitment for the Academies, and 7) provide more support to Academy coordinators.Recommendations for improving themarketing, recruitment, and selection process for the Academies included the following: 1) enhance marketing/branding plan, 2) increase collaboration with middle school feeder schools, and 3) ensure the selection and application process is clear. Key recommendations about enhancing the Academy model and learning environment included: 1) ensure resources are being distributed equitably and 2) streamline the process for work-based learning opportunities. Finally, district leadership and the Department of College and Career Readiness and Innovative Programs are encouraged to revisit the implementation plan for the Academies to ensure that the current plan for implementation is still feasible, that there is equity across the Academies, and that school-based staff members are being provided with the tools needed to fully implement the Academy model.. 

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