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Research and Evaluation

Student Perceptions of the Career Academies in PGCPS  

 Akilah D. Swinton, Ph.D.  



The Department of Research and Evaluation (DRE), in collaboration with the Office of Secondary School Reform (SSR), administered a survey to Career Academy students in spring 2015. The survey captured satisfaction with the Career Academy environment, participation in enrichment and college and career planning activities, and perceptions of the learning experiences offered in the Career Academy. DRE invited all Academy students (6,311 students) to participate in the student survey. The effective response rate for the survey was 31% as there were 1,936 valid responses after cleaning the data. Findings from the Career Academy student survey indicate that Career Academy students generally have positive feelings towards their Career Academies. Overall, perceptions of the Career Academies were similar across types of Academies. However, compared to other Career Academies, students in the Engineering and Science and Health and Biosciences Academies responded more positively on many of the survey items; while students in the Business and Finance, Global Studies, and Environmental Studies Academies responded less positively on many of the survey items. Career Academy students felt most positively about the support they received from their Career Academy teachers, their opinions being respected in their Career Academy, and the extent to which teachers engage them in discussions relevant to their career of interest and make sure students understand what is being studied. Results for participation in the various enrichment activities were mixed: participation was relatively high for career/college guest speakers, moderately high for field trips, and relatively low for college campus visits, career shadowing, and internships. Finally, most Career Academy students felt that their Career Academy experiences have helped them to have an idea of what they want to do with their career. 

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