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Research and Evaluation
The ITV Algebra I Academy Evaluation 



In the school year 2005-06, Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) implemented a new approach, the Instructional Television Algebra I Academy (ITV), to improve student access to mathematics instruction by highly qualified teachers. The program was designed to provide less experienced high school teachers with instructional support from their more experienced colleagues located at different schools. The evaluation was to determine the extent of the on-the-job training provided by lead teachers to the participating co-teachers; and determine the extent to which a co-teaching approach via instructional television enhanced co-teachers’ instruction and improved student achievement. A mixed method approach was used in the evaluation and combined use of qualitative and quantitative data. Data sources included teacher interviews, a teacher survey, a student survey, and HSA results. The findings showed that all lead teachers and co-teachers were satisfied with summer training and very satisfied with team planning, team teaching, and use of instructional technology. Instructional support provided by lead teachers to co-teachers was rated as very helpful. All co-teachers expressed a desire to remain in teaching. The majority of students (128 students or 57.1%) reported positive perception of the program and higher levels of motivation. According to students, due to team teaching and use of instructional technology, ITV Algebra I Academy was more beneficial than a traditional instructional approach and made learning Algebra easier. Cluster teachers provided students with several different approaches to introducing new concepts. Students received more help from a team of teachers, and had more chances to participate in classroom discussions and ask questions. On the other hand, a smaller number of students found it difficult to understand Algebra when the instruction was provided by a team of teachers. Analysis of May 2006 HSA student performance revealed statistically significantly higher HSA results for ITV Algebra I Academy students compared to non-participating students in similar classrooms at the same schools taught by non-highly qualified teachers. The difference was not, however, practically significant due to a small effect size. Recommendations for improving the ITV Algebra I approach are discussed.  

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