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  SY2006-2007 School Climate Survey District-wide Report



As part of the comprehensive school improvement efforts undertaken by the Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS), the Department of Research and Evaluation (DRE) conducted the SY2006–2007 School Climate Survey. The purpose of the survey was to find out how the major stakeholders in the school district feel about their schools. The instrument used in this study was the School Effectiveness Questionnaire. This instrument has separate survey forms for each stakeholder group whose opinions were sought—elementary school students, secondary school students, parents, and teachers. We received 28,492 responses from students, parent responses totaled 15,466, and teacher responses totaled 5,978. Overall, stakeholders revealed that they had positive perceptions about PGCPS schools. According to survey results, 71.5% of students, 83% of parents, and 84% of teachers indicated that they have positive perceptions about their schools. Stakeholders at the elementary school level expressed positive perceptions most often. High school stakeholders expressed the least positive opinions about PGCPS schools. The major stakeholders in the PGCPS indicated that they believe our schools have high expectations for student achievement and emphasize the teaching and learning of basic skills. At all educational levels, parents expressed positive opinions about safe and orderly environment most often, followed by teachers and students. Teachers at all levels were more likely to express positive opinions about frequent assessment/monitoring of student achievement than the other stakeholder groups. Student stakeholders differed in their opinions about maximum opportunities for learning. Elementary students ranked it the lowest compared with other dimensions. It ranked second lowest for middle school students and in the middle for high school students. The stakeholder groups generally did not rank parent/community involvement very highly compared with the other dimensions of school effectiveness. The dimension of school effectiveness that teachers at all education levels ranked the lowest was teacher involvement in decision making. The results of this survey provide leadership teams at the school, regional, and district levels with important information needed to further develop school improvement plans.

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    Most PGCPS graduates plan to attend college immediately after graduation; 75% of the Class of 2016 plan to attend a post-secondary educational institution (4-year college-49%, 2-year college-26%).


    More than 33,600 students, 9,000 parents, and 5,700 teachers participated in the 2017 School Climate Survey.