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Research and Evaluation
An Evaluation of the Prince George’s County Public School System’s Homeless Education Program, SY2007-2008 



This study addresses the extent to which Prince George’s County Public School Homeless Education Program (HEP) during SY2007-2008 met all the requirements mandated in the McKinney-Vento Act as well as whether homeless students perform at an academic level of non-homeless students similarly situated. This evaluation used a multimethod design, including both quantitative and qualitative methods. Student level demographic data and academic achievement data were used throughout. Data were also collected from parents and school system staff involved with HEP. Data were gathered via survey, interview, and secondary analysis. The majority of intake personnel expressed that their school met the needs of homeless students and families in a timely fashion. Additionally, they believed the service provided complied with the McKinney-Vento Act most of the time. Of the 2,159 homeless students, 94.4% were immediately enrolled or did not have their attachment to the school system interrupted. About 90% of homeless students who needed transportation were provided services. The average school attendance rate among homeless students was 88.4%. In addition, the performance of homeless students on MSA Reading and Math was comparable to that of non-homeless students. The performance of homeless students on the English and Algebra HSA was comparable to that of non-homeless students. Parents reported 71.9% satisfaction with the school system’s level of effort to meet the needs of homeless students and families. Finally, with regard to their overall level of reported satisfaction with each of the specified HEP staff, parents reported between 71% and 82% satisfaction with each specified type of staff. It is recommended that PGCPS continue its efforts to ensure the homeless students have access to free, appropriate public education without barriers to school enrollment, educational programs, services, and transportation.

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