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Research and Evaluation

  Evaluation of the Music & Technology Program at Berwyn Heights Elementary School


The purpose of this evaluation is the document the context, implementation, and impact of the Music and Technology Program at Berwyn Heights Elementary School (BHES). The evaluation team utilized a mixed method design, including qualitative and quantitative techniques, to operationally define, observe, and document the Program. The formative component relied primarily on data from primary and secondary sources while the summative component relied on archival student data. From review of available documents, it is evident that BHES students have ample opportunities to participate in music- and science and technology-related activities. However, the documents did not provide evidence on how these myriad of activities are inter-connected to form a cohesive program. Direct observation of nine classrooms across full grades for a full instruction day also revealed little evidence that showed the integration of Music and Technology into Reading, Mathematics, and Science instruction. Staff interview data lend support to this finding suggesting the lack of a “Program.” Teachers expressed that the professional development opportunities were not systematically available to all the teachers and that there was no planning time specifically allocated to work together to systematically incorporate Music and Technology into the instructional day. Although there were many professional development opportunities available to meet teachers’ needs, there was not an overarching program goal of incorporation of Music and Technology into regular instruction. The results from the quantitative HLM analyses indicated that there is no conclusive evidence that BHES students made higher achievement gains in reading and mathematics compared to similarly situated students from schools with profiles similar to BHES’. Although the results imply that there is not a cohesive “Music and Technology Program” being implemented at BHES, there are many activities happening that are of great educational value. Students attending BHES are exposed to a variety of educationally enriching activities. Teachers and staff are working hard, collaborating informally to improve student academic outcomes. BHES parents are pleased with and value the activities provided to their children. Overall, each of the stakeholder groups (students, teachers, parents, and partners) perceived the Music and Technology Program at BHES to be beneficial.
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