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Research and Evaluation
SY2011 Graduate Survey Report

Volume III: Class of 2011 Long-term Educational and Career Aspirations

Kola K. Sunmonu, Ph.D. ~ Carole Portas Keane, Ph.D.

Prince George’s County Public Schools

  Saeed Salehi, Ph.D.

Research, Assessment and Measurement, Inc. (R.A.M.)



This report, SY2011 Graduate Survey Report, Volume III: Class of 2011 Long-term Educational and Career Aspirations, constitutes the third installment of the findings from the SY2011 Graduate Survey.  This report focuses on the long-term educational and career aspirations of PGCPS’ Class of 2011.  Specifically, this report presents SY2011 graduating students’ expected terminal education degree and the profession/career in which they will be engaged at age 25.  Overall, PGCPS’ Class of 2011 have high educational aspirations with approximately 4 of 5 reporting that they intend to obtain at a bachelor’s degree.  About 44 percent aspire to obtain an advanced degree (MA, MBA, JD, MD, Ph.D., EdD, etc.).  These aspirations are about two times as high as prevailing county and national educational attainment based on 2010 US Census Bureau data.  Findings from the survey data suggest that members of PGCPS Class of 2011 have high expectations, both educationally and career-wise, for themselves.  Their immediate post-graduation plans, as reported in SY2011 Graduate Survey Report – Volume II-Immediate Post-Graduation Plans (Sunmonu, Keane, and Salehi, 2011), and the intended educational attainment suggest that they have the wherewithal to achievement these high expectations.  With this in mind, the district is advised to intensify its advisement efforts and provide information on all career options to its students, especially during their high school years.

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