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Research and Evaluation

PGCPS Class of 2012 Immediate Post-Graduation Plans  

Margaret Becker Patterson, Ph.D.


The Graduate Survey is conducted annually to better understand district success in preparing students for college and work. This report, Class of 2012 Immediate Post-Graduation Plans, presents results of the spring 2012 survey of graduating seniors’ immediate plans following graduation and of their perceptions of school counseling they received while making those plans. Most of the PGCPS Class of 2012 plans to enroll in college following graduation. Specifically, 52 percent plans for 4-year college, while 28 percent plans for 2-year college. Though the percentage of graduates planning to attend college immediately after graduation has remained fairly constant (80 percent) in recent years, plans for 2-year college are trending upwards. Non-college plans include planning to work full-time (5 percent), participate in apprenticeship/job training (6 percent), join the military (6 percent), or pursue other life plans (3.5 percent). Members of the Class of 2012 appear to be committed to their stated plans in that they have acted on their plans, such as applying and being admitted to college or securing employment. Guidance counselors play an important role in supporting graduates in making their immediate plans. Approximately three fourths of the Class of 2012 planning to attend a college reported their school counselors provided information about college admission requirements, financial aid, or alerted them to scholarship opportunities. A similarly high proportion of the Class of 2012 not planning for college reported that guidance counselors informed them about technical schools and other non-college career options.  

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