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Department of Testing, Research and Evaluation
Third Party Research Application

Requests to conduct research in the Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) require authorization from the Department of Research & Evaluation before implementation. The authorization process includes a detailed review of the proposed study design to assure conformance with the policies and procedures for research in our school system. Projects are also rated for merit and contribution to PGCPS and/or the research field by staff familiar with the proposed study content.

The links below require careful consideration. Administrative Procedure 4131.34 details the School Board’s policy on research studies. The minimum requirements to begin the authorization process include the submittal of one copy of the following:

  1. application to conduct research;
  2. complete proposal;
  3. proposal summary;
  4. all consent forms (see Guide for Preparing Consent Forms);
  5. all data gathering instruments/protocols; and
  6. any related documents.

For additional information on third party research in the district, see Guidelines for External (Third Party) Research Review in PGCPS.  The Department of Research and Evaluation typically processes research requests in approximately one month. During that time you may be asked to clarify procedural issues.

We do not accept external research requests between May 1 and June 30.  Please submit your requests prior or after this period.

Please contact Ms. Kimberly A. Hopkins at 301-780-6807 or with related questions.

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