Recycling Program Information

Through the PGCPS recycling program, schools can recycle materials via:

Single Stream Recycling Bins and Recycling Dumpsters 

Acceptable materials are collected in recycling bins and recycling dumpsters.  All acceptable materials can go in the same bin. Recycling Dumpster with Label

Warehouse Pick Up 

Materials collected: 

  •     Electronics and accessories
  •     Textbooks
  •     Furniture
  •     Wooden pallets
  •     Scrap metal

Items must be prepared and boxed prior to Warehouse pick up.  Complete a Material Transfer Form to schedule a pick up.

Ink Cartridges and Toner Tubes 

Send empty ink cartridges and toner tubes to the Schmidt Center via the Pony Mail.  Print a poster to display above copiers and printers.

Paper Retriever Paper Recycling Program

Recycle Dumpster

Schools may also participate in the Paper Retriever paper recycling program to increase their recycling capacity.  With the Paper Retriever program, schools will receive a paper recycling dumpster, dumpster service, and can earn money for paper collected.  Schools will need to contact Hanna Paper directly at 301-604-3302 to enroll in the program or for service requests.  Schools will set up the program through their PTA organizations.

Paper Retriever is hosting a paper recycling contest with cash prizes to purchase recycling supplies!  For more information on the program and contest, and new school registration click here.


Additional Ways to Reduce Waste

Visit the Resource Page for additional ways to reduce waste.



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