Recycling Containers
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Recycling Bins

Schools can purchase recycling bins or reuse containers they already have.
Please follow these guidelines:

  • Reuse containers: convert 5-gallon buckets and copier paper boxes into recycling bins.  Remember that recycling is the last of the 3 Rs (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle), so reduce and reuse as much as possible before recycling. 
  • When reusing containers, attach label recycling bin labels for consistency and to help participants easily identify recycling bins.
  • Place recycling posters above recycling bins to explain what can go in the recycling bin and increase correct participation.  Printable posters, signs, and labels are available on the Resources Page
  • Get students involved in designing and creating recycling posters about your recycling program, monitoring bins during meal times, educating others and collecting classroom recycling.   

View the list of recycling bins that can be purchased from the ISSC Warehouse here.  Also view these suggestions for obtaining recycling bins.  

PGCPS Single Stream Recycling Dumpster 

All Prince George's County Public Schools have a single stream recycling dumpster.  If you have any questions or need assistance regarding the recycling dumpster, please contact the Recycling Office.

View your facility's Recycling Dumpster Pick Up Schedule
       Recycling Dumpster with Label 
Place only acceptable materials in the bin.  Unacceptable items contaminate the load of recyclables and can result in the materials being sent to the landfill.

Lock your recycling dumpster to prevent trash contamination.  

  • PGCPS recycling dumpsters have an auto-release locking mechanism and padlock to prevent non-PGCPS usage and dumping of unacceptable materials into the dumpster.  
  • The recycling truck will empty a locked dumpster (horizontal bar raised above doors and padlock engaged, as shown in the picture).  

The single stream recycling dumpster is the only dumpster provided for the PGCPS recycling program.  Schools can continue to use other recycling programs, such as the yellow and green Paper Retriever dumpsters, but they will need to contact the company directly regarding service. 

View a video of a locked dumpster being emptied.  When the truck lifts the locked dumpster (with padlock and locking bar mechanism raised) the auto-release locking mechanism disengages and releases the contents into the truck.  


Paper Retriever Recycling Program

Enroll in the Paper Retriever program!

Recycle Dumpster

Schools will continue to participate in the PGCPS Single Stream Recycling program; however, schools may also participate in the Paper Retriever recycling program to increase their recycling capacity.  With the Paper Retriever, schools can receive a paper recycling dumpster, dumpster service, and can earn money for paper collected.  

Additionally, Hanna Paper is offering a paper recycling contest with prizes to schools that recycle the most paper through the Paper Retriever program!  
For more information on the Paper Retriever program, registration, and the contest click here.  

Schools will set up the program through their PTA organizations.  Schools will need to contact Hanna Paper directly at 301-604-3302 for service requests.    


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