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  • Duties of a Pupil Personnel Worker

    Duties of a Pupil Personnel Worker

    As an advocate:

    • Supports student rights and responsibilities
    • Ensures due process for all students 
    • Serves as a case manager for expelled students 
    • Serves as the Chief Executive Officer's designee for the investigation and resolution of extended suspension requests 
    • Investigates and provides a written investigation report for expulsion requests 
    • Visits students' homes to problem solve with families 
    • Identifies early intervention strategies for student academic success 
    • Works with parents and school staff to assess and support the needs of families 
    As a liaison: 
    • Works with school staff to help maintain a positive home-school connection through strategies such as home visits and conferences 
    • Coordinates services for students and families with outside agencies 
    • Conducts residency investigations 
    • Refers truant students to Interagency Council for Attendance 
    • Refers middle school students to Truancy Reduction Court 
    • Addresses parent and community concerns 
    • Members of Crisis Response Team 
    • May assist with application process to alternative programs 
    As a consultant:
    • Serves as a consultant to administration, school staff, parents/guardians on issues such as attendance, discipline, residency, counseling, and crisis intervention 
    • Interprets PGCPS administrative policies and procedures, federal, state, and local laws 
    • Collaborates with school staff in developing intervention to address chronic attendance issues and dropout prevention 
    • Collaborates with other PGCPS departments/offices to coordinate programs for our students and families 
    • Provides professional development to school staff on a variety of topics 
    • Collects and analyzes data on attendance and suspensions 

    As a referral source:  

    • Refers students and families to internal and outside resources