Our Commitment


SAT/ACT Scores

 Average SAT and Composite ACT test scores will meet or exceed state averages.



90 percent of students will graduate on-time*.



100 percent of graduates will meet the requirements to: enter a two or four-year college, a technical school or the military; and/or earn a license or certification enabling entry into the job market within 6 months of graduation.



An annual report card to show our progress.

Five Strategic Focus Areas To Ensure Academic Success


Teaching and learning processes to ensure that every student, in every grade, receives rigorous, engaging instruction.

HIGH PERFORMING WORKFORCE  A workforce of instructional, administrative and support staff which performs at high levels of excellence.

Inviting, welcoming, healthy, technologically equipped, and culturally-sensitive schools and office environments that promote success

FAMILY AND COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT  Innovative methods of supporting and empowering parents and families to actively participate in their child’s academic growth and performance.

Well-managed processes and efficiently used resources which enable optimal support of schools and effective operations


What It Means For You

 What it means for you

New instructional coaches in every school whose sole responsibility is to assist students below grade level in reading and math.

Improving school buildings that have the greatest need for repair.

The expansion of our already successful college and career academies to all schools as well as our International Baccalaureate program.

An increase in teacher salaries so the most experienced teachers stay with us and don’t leave for surrounding counties who currently offer higher pay. Our teachers will also have more opportunities to pursue professional development and training so they stay on top of the latest methods to provide high-quality education to our children.

Expanding our healthy start breakfast program, so none of our students start their day on an empty stomach.

More funding for all neighborhood schools so spending decisions can have the most impact at the school level.

67 new pre-kindergarten programs at neighborhood elementary schools.

More art and foreign language programs and gifted and talented offerings.

More technology like iPads and Chromebooks for students to increase digital literacy.