Prince George's County Public Schools
Schoolwide Programs

  Schoolwide Programs    

 A schoolwide program school may use its funds to upgrade the school's entire educational program.  However, care should be exercised that children in greatest need reap the benefit of the Title I funding.  A schoolwide program must be based on a comprehensive needs assessment of the entire school.  The school must develop a schoolwide reform strategy that provides opportunities for all children to meet the state's advanced and proficient performance levels. Schoolwide program evaluation is based on the achievement of all students.   

  A schoolwide program plan, by law, must include the following   

Ten Components:    

  1. A comprehensive needs assessment of the entire school     
  2. Schoolwide reform strategies that provide opportunities for all children to meet the state's proficient and advanced levels of academic achievement and use methods and instructional strategies based on scientifically based research     
  3. Instruction by highly qualified staff     
  4. High quality and ongoing professional development based on scientifically based research     
  5. Strategies to attract highly qualified teachers     
  6. Strategies to increase parent involvement     
  7. Plans for assisting preschool children in the transition to elementary school     
  8. Measures to include teachers in assessment decisions     
  9. Activities to ensure that students having difficulty mastering the proficient or advances levels of academic achievement standards shall be provided with effective, timely, additional assistance     
  10.   Coordination and integration of federal, state and local services and programs