Prince George's County Public Schools
Teacher Evaluation

In SY 2014, a new teacher evaluation model was implemented in PGCPS.  This model was designed to strengthen educator ability to deliver high student achievement through effective instruction. The model is rooted in the spirit of continuous growth and improvement of teaching and learning in the district and has been developed in partnership with the Prince George’s County Educators’ Association (PGCEA) and the Association of Supervisory and Administrative School Personnel (ASASP).

The Charlotte Danielson Framework for Teaching (FFT), an observation-based evaluation system, provides the tool used  for teacher observations.  The teacher evaluation system gathers evidence of professional practice observed by an appropriate evaluator. Observation data are compiled  to  form  a  picture  of  what  is  happening  in  the  schools  and  in  the  classrooms  that contributes  to  the  learning  of  the  students.  Thus, teachers are evaluated on their professional practice as well as their students’ growth.

This approach to measuring teacher effectiveness is intended to provide a comprehensive view of how well teachers are preparing students to be college and career-ready.  The model includes multiple measures of effectiveness in the areas of professional practice and student growth for instructional teachers responsible for students’ academic progress in a Pre-K-12 public school setting. The PGCPS appraisal systems also support professional development and growth for all employees and ensure that each school has effective administrators, teachers, and support staff.

The evaluation model utilizes multiple measures to assess the effectiveness of educators.  Teachers are evaluated on their professional practice (50%) as well as their students' growth (50%), in accordance with Maryland’s teacher evaluation model.  

Measured by a system of data points which guides continuous improvement of performance and accountability, the PGCPS evaluation system includes the following:

Teacher Evaluation Model

Professional Practice Measures:

  • Classroom observations using the Danielson Framework for Teaching (FFT)
  • A student perception survey
  • An assessment of professional growth

Student Growth Measures:

  • Student Learning Objectives (SLOs)
  • Locally Selected Assessments
  • Local School Progress Index (SPI)
  • State Assessment Data 

PGCPS Teacher Effectiveness: “Z - Score” Explained

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Teacher Evaluation Data Overview

The following data and narrative are derived from the outcomes of the Teacher Evaluation for just over 9400 staff for whom evaluation reports were generated in the spring of 2015. Read More >>