Prince George's County Public Schools
Title I District Initiatives

 Interactive Whiteboards

The Title I Office has made efforts to transform 67 title I schools into interactive learning communities.  The interactive classroom is an engaging and personalized learning environment designed to optimize teaching and learning through the interconnected use of mobile computing, audio, visual, and interactive whiteboard technologies that is integrated within and across the curriculum.  This multi-sensory approach provides instructional opportunities to meet the many learning modalities of students to transform computers and projectors into highly interactive teaching collaboration, and presentation tools.   

Homeless Services funded by Title I

The Title I office supports the McKinney-Vento Act through the following services:

  1. After-school academic tutorial services for high school students through the Rising Scholars program.

  2. Participation by elementary school students in the Campfire USA summer camp.

  3. Participation in NorthBay summer camp.


A makerspace is a place where students can gather to create, invent, tinker, explore and discover using a variety of tools and materials. Title I, Library Media & Creative Arts have collaborated to help Library Media Specialist in Title I schools  bring the exciting opportunities of the maker movement to every library.  The goal of the program is to empower Title I library media specialists to develop a makerspace in their library that supports the integration of electronics into student authored books. This program targets 5th grade students only.


MyON is a personalized literacy program that provides access to an integrated collection of over 1700 digital books with reading supports, customized to a student’s interest and reading abilities. MyON develops an individual profile for each student based on his or her interests and reading ability, and generates a recommended book list.  Each student has their own personal library available to them 24/7!

Transforming Education Through Digital Learning   

Transforming Education through Digital Learning (TEDL) project provides a framework for a blended digital tool approach in four Title I middle schools (Buck Lodge, Charles Carroll, Nicholas Orem and William Wirt).  Students are able to create, distribute, access and collaborate using the highest level of technology—going beyond mere enhancement of tasks to true transformation. The TEDL project provides students with iPads to allow access to instructional digital content. Students also use of MacBooks for higher order creation of content.  In addition, teachers are given both an iPad and a MacBook to effectively model best practices for all aspects of the blended digital learning environment.  TEDL is in its second year as as Apple Distinguished Program.


In 2011, the Prince George’s County Title I Office implemented a 1:1 iPad initiative in four Title I middle schools:  Buck Lodge MS, Charles Carroll MS, Nicholas Orem MS, and William Wirt MS.  The Transforming Learning through Digital Learning (TEDL) initiative was designed to create digital learning environments that equipped students, teachers, and administrators with the necessary technological tools to meet the demands of our modern and global society.   This school year, the Title I Office expanded the TEDL program to include three additional schools:  Carrollton ES, Gaywood ES and Andrew Jackson Academy.  The Focus schools implemented a modified 1:1 mobile technology initiative, TEDL NEXT.  The modified initiative targets an identified grade level in each of the Focus schools.  


Third Grade Mobile 1:1 Program

The 3rd Grade Mobile program is a 1:1 mobile device implementation for all Schoolwide Title I and Targeted third grade students.   The Title I Office also offers the services of our Technology Resource Teachers to assist with the integration of Title I technology through Demo Lesson, Lesson/Project Planning, and the use and creation of multimedia.

Title I iCommunity

iCommunity is a bi-yearly event of activities for Title I families and school staff.  This event is designed to build capacity in the Title I community in the area of instructional technology.  The facilitators  include Title I teachers, technology liaisons and vendors from educational companies. There are interactive sessions for students, parents, and educators; and registrants may choose from a multitude of topics.


STREAM Robotics

The STREAM Robotics program is an ELO after-school program that focuses on providing opportunities for students to apply math concepts in “real world” situations. Some of the STREAM concepts covered in the lessons include: robotics, estimation, systems, logic, symbols, variables, troubleshooting, programming steps, feedback, teamwork, open and closed loops, automation and manufacturing, communication, rates of change, reasoning, graphs, speed, velocity, conversion of energy from one form to another, sound waves, incandescent light, LED light, and Infrared light.  This curriculum demonstrates to students how math can be applied to real world situations such as robotics and programming.  Participating schools compete in an annual robotics competition held each year at our iCommunity event in May.

Title I Technology PLC Network

Title I Technology PLC Network is designed to assist teachers with reaching our 21st Century Learners by providing.   It is a  network for the Title I community that provides trainings focusing on finding solutions to technology challenges while forming partnerships beyond the school building.


Vocabulary.Com is a  licensed program that is available to all 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th students to access online vocabulary strategies and materials.  (For Targeted Assistance schools, the resources can be accessed by the identified targeted assistance students.) combines the dictionary with an adaptive learning game that helps students master new words while monitoring student progress.   

Waterford Early Learning

The goal for the Title I Prince George’s County implementation of Waterford  Early Learning TM is to raise student achievement in kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade.  The Waterford Early Reading Program (WERP) develops foundational reading skills. Our earliest learners, from kindergarten to second grade, benefit from Waterford’s emergent (WERP Level 1) to fluency (WERP Level 3) literacy focus.  Used as a reading intervention measure, Waterford addresses the needs of the significant number of students entering school lacking background knowledge in the mechanics of how sounds, words and text are related to become strong, independent readers.  Currently, the Waterford program is available to all K - 2nd grade Title I students.


Workshop Catalog

The Workshop Catalog features over 50 technology integration training sessions designed to help teachers maximize the Title I technology tools they already have.  Trainers are teachers who are successfully integrating technology in the classrooms on a daily basis.  This service is available to all Title I teachers throughout the school year.