Prince George's County Public Schools
Tips on Preparing for the Bowl

Students can best prepare for the SCIENCE BOWL competition by: 

  • Keeping up with science in the news (following the newspapers, 
  •  news magazines, televised news, and items on the web) 
  • Reviewing scientific terminology, especially prefixes, suffixes and root words
  • Practicing together to develop a playing style that will work to their advantage. 
  • Successful teams often stage mock SCIENCE BOWLS in their own schools 
  • Watching SCIENCE BOWL shows on Channel 96 (Comcast), Channel 38 (Verizon), and on YouTube.  All of the past year’s shows can be found on YouTube.  This is perhaps the best way to prepare for the show.  Students will hear the kinds of questions asked and see the format of the competition.    

Please plan on arriving at the Bonnie Johns Educational Media Center at 12:30 on your day of taping.  We tape three shows during each day of competition.  You should expect to be at the Center until 3:30.  Parents, relatives and friends are welcome to attend and can view the taping in Room 206, the Interactive Classroom.