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Documents Related to County-Wide Boundary Review

Documents Related to County-Wide Boundary Review 

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Frequently Asked Questions: School Boundary Proposal 

General Questions 

Interactive Map of Proposed Boundaries                   
EXPERIMENTAL GoogleMap of Proposed Boundaries 

Please note that the mapping representations may not accurately portray the school boundary.  SchoolFinder should be used to determine the impact of the proposed boundary on a specific address.  The maps are symbolic approximations of the proposed boundaries.


Phase One Boundary Proposal Materials (Posted 3/20/09)


Version Date


Boundary Hearing Press Release 


This is he official press release announcing the Boundary hearing dates, times and locations.

Boundary Meeting Flyers 


This document was sent to every impacted school to go in backpacks home for hand delivery.  It described the boundary process and announces the hearing times.

Final Phase 1 Proposal for Expansion of New School Options and School Consolidations 


The Board of Education approved a plan to expand academic choices and consolidate under-enrolled schools at its meeting on Thursday, March 26.

Phase 1 Initial Boundary Proposal Assuming Consolidations 


This proposal was presented to the school board and community in the hearing held on March 19th and it includes the initial boundary proposal for 75 schools, 70 of them in the Phase 1 Area and 5 other schools whose boundaries are impacted but are outside of the Phase 1 area.

Phase 1 Boundary Maps Presentation 


This document includes the maps and details for each school by geographic area. 



Version Date


County-wide Projections out to 2013 


This analysis presents the school-by-school projections.

Board Resolution Requesting County-wide Boundary review 


This resolution passed by the school board in September 2008 requesting a County-Wide review of boundaries for efficiency, equity and to address historical inequities in access to special programs of choice.

Revised Schedule of County-wide Boundary Review  


This document includes the revised schedule of the process

County-wide Boundary review Sequence & Map 


This document describes the Timetable and geographic areas needed for the initial review.

 Original Proposal to the School Board for Program Expansions 


 This presentation was presented to the school board in June of 2008 which recommended utilizing schools with excess capacity to implement expansions of schools of choice and develop New Small Schools in High Schools.  The Benjamin Foulois replication of Pullen was presented to the School board in this proposal.

 Original Plan Proposal to School Board Jan. 8, 2009 


 This proposal set out the rationale, timing and structure for the requested County-wide boundary review.

 Boundary Survey Analysis 


 The Online Boundary review Survey Analysis requests that participants respond with degree of agreement with prompts related to the Parameters of the County-wide Boundary Review process.  This document includes some results.


Consolidation Proposal Documents

County-Wide Boundary Review - Phase I: Boundary Proposals with Consolidations Assumed 



Revised Consolidation Proposal: (02/13/09) 


This is the presentation to the School board on February 12, 2009 revising the list of schools proposed for Consolidation: Removing Judge Sylvania Woods ES and adding Dodge Park ES.  In addition new Transportation cost details are included.

Revised School Cost Analysis 


This is the summary of expected costs savings should all 12 proposed consolidations are approved by the school board.  Staffing and Discretionary costs are included.

Revised School Cost Analysis Individual Schools 


This is the school-by-school breakdown of expected cost savings from the consolidations.  Staffing and Discretionary costs are included for each individual school.

Revised Individual School Consolidation Document 


This document includes the school by school analysis of the Consolidation Parameters, the proposed receiver schools and the impact on program placements.

Transportation Costs Analysis of Original List of schools 


This school-by-school analysis of the transportation costs should the ORIGINAL set of consolidation schools be approved, resulted in a cost savings for the district.  Of the 70 schools in the Phase 1 proposal area, this analysis is accurate for 64 of the 70.  A revision to accommodate the most recent change in schools is forthcoming.

School Consolidation Matrix 


This list included the originally proposed matrix of facilities and maintenance work completed on schools proposed for consolidation. 




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