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    China Sister School Exchange Program
    Dear Parents and Students, 

    Thank you for your interest in the China Sister School Exchange Program with Laurel International! We believe that globalization has created opportunities to enrich our experiences and expand our point of views. Through Laurel’s partnerships with middle and high schools in the United States and China, we are committed to bringing you the highest quality program focused on our three objectives: Culture, Education and Friendship.

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    Uniform Policy

    Parkdale parents, students, teachers, and administrators formulated the student dress policy for Parkdale High School. It reflects standards held in common by the Parkdale Learning Community and incorporates the Prince George’s County Public Schools System-Wide Dress Code for Students.   

    It is highly recommended that all students wear uniforms with Parkdale logos. Uniforms may be purchased from Cort Athletics by clicking here.

     IDs: All students must wear a student ID. The ID must be on the below the neck and above the waist. It must be on the outer most garment.

    Slacks: All slacks must be appropriately sized to eliminate bagging or sagging. Slacks are worn at the natural waistline. Female and male students wear solid-colored slacks in Khaki (Tan).


    Shorts: Students may wear khaki (tan) colored shorts that must be at least 12 inches below the buttocks. 


    Skorts or Skirts: Female students wear khaki (tan) colored skorts and/or mid-calf skirts that are worn at the natural waistline. 


    Shirts: Shirts must be tucked into pants, skirts, skorts or shorts. Female and male students wear solid- colored shirts with collars and may choose long or short sleeve in Black,White or Dark Green.


    Socks: Solid-colored socks in Black,Dark Green, Brown or White. Socks displaying designer graphics are unacceptable.


    Tights: Students may wear solid-colored tights in Black, Dark Green, Brown or White. Tights displaying designs, graphics, fish-net holes, etc. are unacceptable.


    Shoes: Students may wear solid-colored shoes, tennis shoes and boots in Black or Brown. Heels on shoes should be no taller than 1inch.


    Neckties (Optional): Solid-colored neckties are worn with Oxford shirts only.


    Head Coverings: As is stated in the PGCPS System Wide Dress Code for Students. "Headdresses may be worn indoors for religious or health reasons only." All hats must be removed before entering the building.


    Students may wear blazers, sweaters, and fleece jackets in the following solid colors, dark green, white, or black.


    These styles and fabrics are NOT permitted:

    ·    Visible labels or logos on any article of clothing are allowed (ONLY PHS logos)

    ·    Stretch, tight or form-fitting clothing

    ·    Baggy slacks

    ·    Jeans or denim

    ·    Hooded clothing

    ·    Cropped shirts

    ·    Slippers, flip-flops, mules or open-toes

    ·    "Creative" alterations to any clothing (cut-out holes, rips etc.)

    ·    Sunglasses