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  • Class of 2022

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    Welcome Class of 2022

    We are excited to have you join the Parkdale High School community! We are very excited to welcome all our incoming Panthers and families and can’t wait for each of you to create memorable, challenging and successful high school experiences here at Parkdale High School. You are about to embark on a four-year journey where we hope that you will explore new opportunities, grow as a young men and women and develop into living as a “Human for Others.” 

    The information on this page will assist you in answering any questions. Check back often throughout the year for information specifically for the Class of 2022.

    What Every Student Should Know

    • Teachers have personal lives too--talk to them! They want to know about you too.

    • Understand that it’s okay if you’re NOT stressed.

    • Know where the Wellness Center is located and what’s inside of it.

    • Know how to get in contact with your teachers.

    • Upperclassmen are all really nice and they’ve been freshmen before too.

    • Join a club or play a sport--it’s a really good way to meet people.

    • Dress up and go all out for Homecoming Week--it’s one of the best weeks of the year.

    • Have confidence in yourself to do the things that you love.

    • Don’t be afraid to try something new.

    • Try to make friends in all of your classes.

    • Reach out if you need help.

    • Sleep. Please sleep.

    • Know about the nicknames (Senior Lounge, VIP Lounge, MPR).

    • Don’t be afraid to email your teachers.

    • Talk to your professional school counselors.

    • Be yourself and don’t change who you want to be.

    • Everyone at this school has a different perspective so when you’re taking advice from people try to take advice from people who are in a similar situation to you.

    • Grades are important but they aren’t everything.

    • Stand up to anyone who tries to bully you or anyone else.

    • High school has ups and downs so have hope.

    • Utilize all the resources we have at Parkdale.

    • Know how to get school breakfast or lunch if you need to.

    • Join the social media groups for your classes.

    • Join clubs and extracurriculars you like.

    • Have fun.

    • It’s okay to share out your opinions because everyone here is accepting.

    • Know where your classes are.

    • It’s okay if it’s not perfect right away; you’ll find your rhythm.

    • There’s no stupid questions.

    • Your teachers really want you to succeed so reach out early and often.

    • Don’t be afraid to procrastinate with your schoolwork every once and awhile if it means you’re taking opportunities that won’t come again.

    • Know where forms are; if you don’t know where they are, don’t be afraid to ask.

    • Know the rooms in the office where everyone is.

    • Define your own path through high school.

    • Don’t be scared of your teachers.

    • Take classes that you like, don’t take classes that you think will look good on your transcript.

    • Don’t be afraid to drop classes that are hard.Don’t compare yourself to others.

    • Make friends.

    • Have good time management.

    • A B is a good grade.

    • Smile in the mirror everyday.

    • It’s okay to not know something; that’s what your teachers and other classmates are for.

    • Actually try in PE--it’s more fun if you try.

    • Just because you’re young doesn’t mean your voice doesn’t matter. You still have the power to do great things and correct wrongs.

    • Quality over quantity; don’t take classes that aren’t necessary.

    • Know who your counselors are.

    • Be familiar with the bell schedule (memorize it, have it on your phone).

    Class Sponsor

    Mrs. Portial Deal   Room A-112

    Important Links

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    Homework Help

    Parkdale Library

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