• Preparing for a Portfolio Review

    According to State regulations, home schooling parents must have a minimum of two portfolio reviews each year. A portfolio review is a time that the local school system portfolio reviewers meet with the home instruction parent or legal guardian to ensure that the student is receiving regular and thorough instruction during the school year in studies usually taught in the public school.

    Face-to-Face Portfolio Review Process

    Parents will schedule their face-to-face winter and spring portfolio reviews on the Home Schooling website home page using the on-line calendar to select an available date. Parents should prepare and bring:

    Note: Parents supervised by Nonpublic Entities do not need to participate in the PGCPS Portfolio Review Process.Nonpublic Entities Registered to Supervise Home Instruction of Maryland Students


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    Electronic Portfolio Review- NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY

    To be eligible for participation in the Electronic Portfolio Review Process a family must:

    • Have access to a computer to support electronic submission;
    • Have had two consecutive years of “Acceptable” portfolio reviews;
    • Submit all portfolio materials within the designated window.

    Electronic submissions from parents who have NOT met the above criteria will not be reviewed.

    While this new process is being introduced to both enhance efficiency and increase flexibility in the portfolio review process for our families, home schooling families may continue to have face-to-face reviews if this is preferred.

    Access the Electronic Portfolio documents here: