• Substitute Teacher: How to Apply

     Minimum requirements for a substitute teacher position

    1. Associate of Arts Degree (AA) or Associate of Science Degree (AS) from an accredited college or university.
    2. Minimum (60 credits attained) from an accredited college or university.
    3. Previous experience working with groups of children/students totaling six (6) months (classroom Monday - Friday) or twelve (12) months (extracurricular activities 3-4 times a month).
    4. Knowledge of the teaching and learning process preferred.
    5. Ability to draft lesson plans / educational activities for students when there are no plans available based. 
    6. Ability to provide instruction that reflects multiple perspectives and multicultural education.
    7. Must be able to work twenty-five (25) days during the school year.

    Minimum requirements for a substitute paraprofessional  

    1. Two years volunteer or paid experience working with students (classroom setting Monday - Friday or minimum 3-4 times a month)
    2. High School Diploma
    3. Must have attained 30 credits from an accredited college or university


    I would like to speak with someone directly. 

    Please call 301.780.2191 or email  hr.employeesupportcenter@pgcps.org

    Can I bring my resume to your office?don't see where to apply.

    Click here to apply. Click on Careers at the end of the header row or you can click on "Join Our Team" above the search box.


    No. We only accept resumes that have been submitted online through our recruiting software. If the position is no longer available we will not be able to accept your resume until the next vacancy has opened. We do not accept walk-ins as our office has very structured hours for interviews and processing of new hires.


    What is the process to becoming a substitute teacher once I am contacted for an interview?

    Click here to see our substitute teacher recruitment process.


    What is the pay rate for the substitute position? 


    • $70.38/day – Non-degreed (Minimum of 60 college credits)
    • $102/day – Degreed (Bachelors or higher)
    • $153/day – Retired PGCPS Teacher (Must provide verification of valid MSDE teaching certificate)


    Begins on the 16th consecutive day for the same teacher in the same assignment. Note: Any requested absence (ie. not a PGCPS holiday or unexpected school closing) during the long-term assignment will result in the pay rate returning to the daily rate of pay.

    • $92.82/day – Non-degreed 
    • $122.40/day – Degreed
    • $178.50/day – Retired PGCPS Teacher 

    What is the pay rate for the substitute paraprofessional position? 

    $10.86 per hour; there is no long-term rate of pay for substitute paraprofessionals.


    How would I obtain assignments? 

    We use a web-based absence management system called AESOP. It is a very easy system to use to find and fill teacher vacancies all with a few clicks of a button. All candidates will be offered to attend a training on AESOP and can register to attend if needed.