• Instrumental Music

    Instrumental Music is offered in 117 elementary schools with 56 teachers provided support to over 8,000 students. 

    38 K-8 and middle schools have Instrumental Music and over 5,800 students are enrolled. 

    2,000 students take an Instrumental Music class in one of 25 high schools.


    • About 4,500 students complete performance assessments every year in secondary band & orchestra
    • 130 students participate in the High School Honor Band & Orchestra
    • 25 students make-up the High School Jazz Ensemble
    • 250 students highlight their skills at the secondary Jazz Showcase
    • 600 students take to the field in the High School Marching Band Showcase
    • 130 students  participate in the Middle School Honor Band & Orchestra
    • 2,250 students from elementary to high school participate in the multiple-day Solo & Ensemble Festival
    • 1,800 elementary students come together to perform at the PGCPS Music Day at Six Flags America
    • Every summer 200 middle & high school students dedicate their time to the Summer Instrumental Music Enrichment program
    Questions about the Instrumental Music Program? Contact supervisor Lionel Harrell or resource teacher Paul Hatton