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Ezekiel Bloyce, Principal


History of School   Morningside Elementary is a PreK-6 school located in Suitland, Maryland.  Situated in the town of Morningside, the school was built in 1956 to accommodate 300 students.   Morningside School's  program planning model was originally developed by Dr. James Comer, Director of the School Development Program at the Yale Child Study Center and Associate Dean of the Yale University Medical School.  Morningside Elementary School (Grades PreK-6) is part of the Prince George's County, Maryland Public School System.   Morningside was recipient of the Technology Challenge Grant and the Technology In Maryland Schools (TIMS) Grant.  

Executive Summary  The vision of Morningside Elementary School is to move from good to great with a student centered focus and a sustained emphasis on professional staff development to increase and sustain student achievement for all demographic groups. Morningside Elementary School is located in Suitland, Maryland, less than half mile from Andrews Air Force Base.  Morningside has an enrollment of 236 students.  The organizational structure of the day starts with an uninterrupted reading block, starting from 7:45 AM – 10 AM.  Non-classroom teachers support teachers during the reading block.  Each week teachers are provided with a one-hour planning time. Physical Education and Music are scheduled “back to back”.  Students are provided with instruction in Media, Computer, and Guidance.  A Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) program helps support and foster a positive school climate that is conducive to effective teaching and learning. There is a culture of collaboration, positive relationships and a sense of community that exists at Morningside.  The parents, community and other stakeholders were notified on Back to School Night and through the monthly newsletter that Morningside is no longer in School Improvement.  Before and After School Day Care is also available.  For greater detail, go to School Improvement Plan.

 Parent Strategies    Helpful links for Parents   This year, the PTA will function effectively as a parent organization.  There will be a parent liaison on the staff.  There will be a parent representative on the School Planning and Management Team (SPMT), thus giving parents a voice in the overall governance of the school.  Involvement will be documented by sign-in sheet for SPMT, PTA and The School Improvement Team signature sheet.  A monthly parent newsletter will be sent home to parents, keeping them informed of all events and curriculum and instructional matters. Parents will be invited to participate in our “Second Cup of Coffee” event which will be held in the mornings, with the purpose of having parents interact with the staff over a cup of coffee and pastries. There will be “Movie Night” when parents and students come to the school and enjoy a movie and popcorn together. We will continue the partnerships developed with the Office of Naval Intelligence, Builders’ Industry Association and Science Services to support the students and staff at Morningside.   Morningside strives to implement the six standards of the National PTA - 1)Meaningful home-school communication, 2) Promotion & support of parenting skills, 3)Active parent participation in student learning, 4) Parents are welcome as school volunteer partners, 5) Parents are partners in school decisions affecting children and families, 6) Outreach to the community for resources.