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The counseling program at Montpelier Elementary follows the American School Counseling Association and the Prince George’s County model of providing guidance and counseling services to students through classroom lessons, small group, individual counseling, and school-wide programs. These programs help develop leadership skills and promote a positive school culture and a productive and peaceful school climate through the use of Character Education, Conflict Resolution, and Career Exploration.   These programs also promote a safe and orderly learning environment. 

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Here some ways the students and parents can access the counselor:       

Complete the form in the main lobby and place it in the yellow box.  You may also report incidents of bullying here.  

Tell me you need to talk me privately, give me a note when you see me in the halls, in class, or at lunch.     

Ask your teacher to send me an e-mail.

Ask your parent to call or send me  an e-mail 

Career Day

We are always in need of Career Day Speakers and people from our community make the best ones!!  If you are interested in giving a short presentation to our students about your occupation please let me know!!!!! This year Career Day will take place

May 24, 2019.  Please feel free to e-mail me your contact info and I will be sure to include you in our very special day!!!!   


The Personal Education Plan (PEP) is a tool that will help students and parents plan for high school graduation, college and/or career preparedness.  It introduces career clusters and encourages critical thinking about future planning. The plan also connects the students’ strengths and weaknesses as well as likes and dislikes regarding career possibilities. The counselor will visit students in first and fourth grades to complete the plans that will then be sent home for parent input.  


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