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    Marlton Elementary School

    Arts Integration and Green School
    August 2018

    Dear Marlton Families,


    Summer vacation is winding down and the new school year is gearing up. It is with great excitement that I welcome you back to another successful and exciting year of learning at Marlton Elementary. I hope your summer break was a relaxing and enjoyable one, full of fun and fellowship. Soon it will be time for our families to begin preparations for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year! We will be welcoming some new staff members to our school. I am very excited about the new additions that we have and am confident that you will warmly welcome our new members into our Marlton Family. We ask that every scholar and home be totally committed by doing all work, attending school regularly and on time and displaying appropriate behavior so as not to interfere with the learning of others. We also ask that ALL parents be proactive by staying in constant communication with their scholar's teachers, monitoring their scholar's work and supporting school functions. Below you will find a calendar of some of our upcoming events.


    *Aug. 30 - Orientation at 1:30 for PreK, Kindergarten, and NEW students to Marlton

    25 - Grandparents Day  (8:15 – 1:30)

    Grandparents may visit classroom during that time

    Sept. 4 - First day of school for scholars

    Sept. 28 -  2 hr. early dismissal for scholars — Professional Development for Teachers

    Sept. 11 - Fundraising Kick Off

    Oct 1-5  -   Scholastic Book Fair

                        (PTA sponsored - volunteers needed)

     Sept. 12 - Back to School Night @ 6:30 pm

    Oct 2 -  Deadline for Fundraiser

    Sept. 18 - Lifetouch Pictures - in school uniforms

                    Must Prepay

    Oct 9 – Men Make a Difference (7:00-7:45 a.m.)

                 Danish for Dads

    Sept.19 -  Last day to turn in Spirit Wear Orders


    Transportation: Within the next few days, you should receive transportation information from the system's Transportation Office. This information will also be posted on the school system's web page ( We ask that you review proper etiquette when riding a bus along with showing your child their morning and afternoon bus stops. Riding a bus is a privilege, not a right. Please make sure your children are supervised at the bus stops. We strongly encourage you to allow your child to ride the bus the first day of school in order to establish a safe routine. Parking will be limited.

    Attendance: A well-rested student that consistently attends school is ready to actively participate in the instructional program. On time arrival ensures that the student is in their seat and prepared to focus on instruction at 7:45 a.m. We encourage you to have your child arrive to school by 7:30 a.m. (first bell rings). A tardy student interrupts instruction and the concentration of every student in the class. Please make sure your scholar arrives on time. Students will be asked to report to the office for a late pass if they arrive at 7:45 or later. Regular attendance is important to a child's success in school and we ask that they attend school unless they are sick with fever, vomiting, diarrhea or other serious ailments. Upon returning to school, it is imperative that the student brings a signed note explaining the absence in order to have an excused absence. Our goal for attendance this year will be 95 percent. Breakfast for all students is served at 7:30 a.m.

    Agenda Book: Students in grades 1-5 will be issued agenda books at no cost for this year. Agenda books are the main means of communication about assignments and class activities. Homework will be written in the book and we encourage parents to write notes to the teacher about homework difficulties or questions that may arise. The school calendar and the Parent/Student Handbook are located in the front of the agenda book with information about school policies. The prekindergarten, and kindergarten will inform their parents of their communication folder and a copy of the Handbook will be sent home.

    School Traffic and Safety: Many of our fifth graders serve as Safety Patrols. Their purpose is to assist students with safety procedures as they go to and from school. Please encourage your child to follow the directions given by the patrols. The adult crossing guards are members of the Prince George's County Police Department. They are assigned to major intersections when it is too dangerous for children to cross the street without adult supervision. All students MUST follow the crossing guard's directions. Students are not allowed to ride bicycles to or from school due to the very heavy volume of traffic.

    The front driveway will be used only for buses arriving and unloading in the morning. Private vehicles will not be allowed to enter the front driveway between 7 a.m. - 8 a.m. This is for the safety and welfare of our students at Marlton.


    KISS-N-RIDE: Parents bringing children to school (by car) should enter the lower parking lot and drop off near the steps entering the multipurpose room. Children should be prepared to leave the vehicle as soon as it stops to prevent traffic delays. Have your scholar exit on the left side closest to the building. Kiss your scholar good bye and keep it moving. Parents are not allowed to exit their vehicles. (K-eep I-t S-hort & S-weet) A staff member will be on duty at 7:30 a.m. The back door of the multi-purpose room will be locked at 7:45 a.m. each morning. Students will need to walk around the front of the building and get their late pass. There will be some leniency for the first two weeks of school as all of us adjust to returning to school.

    Parents picking students up at dismissal must wait until ALL buses have left before entering the front driveway. Five cars will be allowed to enter at a time. Pull all the way down to the flagpole. Marlton scholars will be waiting for their ride. If for some reason your child is not out on time when you enter the front driveway, you will be asked to continue with the flow of traffic and re-enter. Parents are not to leave their vehicles. Parents may opt to pick their child up in the lower parking (following the morning pattern) due to the heavy volume of cars entering the front of the school after buses have been dismissed.

    Fundraising Kick-Off: Our once a year fundraiser kickoff will take place for the students from 12:30-1:30 on Tuesday, September 11. Students will bring home their fundraising packets the same day. The deadline for returning the orders to school is Tuesday, October 2.  We expect delivery before Thanksgiving.  Please remember this is our only fundraiser and profits go right back to the Marlton scholars.

    School Uniforms: All students are required to wear their entire school uniform on the first day of school through the last day of school. Check your child's uniform throughout the school year. Often students forget to wear their black belt. No metal on belts-black only -no fashion belts. Shoes are to be black (may have some white in them) or white (may have some black in them) with matching shoelaces. There will not be any exceptions for other colors. If you look at the shoes and see 2 or more colors DO NOT BUY THEM!!! NO BOOTS! Uniform violations will be in place this year. If there is an out of uniform day for any reason a note from me will be sent home as well as a Robo call. We will celebrate School Spirit Day each Friday. Students are allowed and encouraged to wear their Marlton spirit wear T-shirt, sweatpants, or sweatshirt these will be the only ones allowed on this day). An order form for the Marlton T-shirt (short and long sleeved), Marlton sweatpants, and crew neck Marlton sweatshirts will come home on the first day of school in the Red folder. Think about buying one for yourself and other family members. The Marlton pullover sweatshirt is the only exception to the white or navy sweaters to be worn in the classrooms. THE DEADLINE TO ORDER WILL BE SEPTEMBER 19.

    We are looking for gently used uniforms that your scholar has outgrown to add to our emergency uniform closet (if a child gets sick on their clothes, has an accident of any kind, etc.) We could use some larger sizes as well.  Thank you for your generosity.

    Breakfast/Lunch Information: School lunches will be available on the first day. The breakfast program will begin on Tuesday September 4. Lunch costs $2.75, milk $.55. A monthly menu will be sent home and can be viewed by visiting—lunch/webdocs/.  Students will use a personal identification number (PIN) to access the meal program. Students enrolled at Marlton last year will use their same PIN. Students new to Marlton will be assigned a PIN during the first week of school. Until the new PIN is received, lunch must be paid in cash. Breakfast is served in the classroom to every student beginning at 7:30 a.m. Students have until 7:40 a.m. to complete breakfast in order to be ready for instruction at 7:45 a.m.

    Continue to enjoy the summer. If you have new neighbors, please ask them to register their child for school as soon as possible in order for every child to have a classroom assignment prior to the first day of school. I look forward to working with you and your child/children during this upcoming school year! The Marlton Staff is excited about the opportunity to work with you and your child/children. We value the partnership that will develop.



    Educationally yours,


    Valerie Gifford