• What's Happening in PE

    What's Happening in PE



    Mrs. K. Lacey


    Welcome back to our 2018-2019 school year! 

    Please review our Grading Policy as well as long range plans to
    know what is expected of your child in Physical Education.

    Email:  kathy.lacey@pgcps.org





    Mrs_ Lacey's PE Discipline Plan



    Grading Policy   

    Click here for  PE Grading Policy  

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    Click the link below to know your PE day.

    2018-2019 A Week and B Week Schedule




    Fitness Calendars 

    Fitness Calendars are a major part of the PE curriculum.
    Click here for PE Fitness Calendar Grading and Info Chart

    Need help completing your fitness calendar?
    Click here for a Fitness Calendar Example


    Download your fitness calendars here  

     September 2018 Fitness Calendar
    October 2018 Fitness Calendar
    November 2018 Fitness Calendar
    December 2018 Fitness Calendar
    January 2019 Fitness Calendar
    February 2019 Fitness Calendar
    March 2019 Fitness Calendar
    April 2019 Fitness Calendar






    "A Ball About Me" Assignment for 4th and 5th Grade

    PE A Ball About Me Rubric

    "A Ball About Me" Example:  

    A Ball About Me






    Image result for go noodle

    Gonoodle.com is a movement based website that uses videos to get kids up and moving around. 
    The videos range from yoga to dance videos to Zumba.  
    What a great way for your scholar to raise his/her heart rate!!!



    Click  Back To School Fitness Tips for Kids and Parents

    Turn Off the Tube

    Limit screen time (television, movies, videos and computer games) to less than 2 hours a day. Substitute the rest of leisure time with physical activity.


    Active Family Adventures

    Plan family outings and vacations that involve vigorous activities such as hiking, bicycling, skiing, swimming, etc.


    Cardio Chores

    Give your children some household chores that require physical exertion, keeping in mind their levels of strength, coordination and maturity. Mowing lawns, raking leaves, scrubbing floors and taking out the garbage not only teach responsibility, but can also be good exercise.


    Find the Right Sport/Activity for Them

    Observe sports and activities your children like then find out about lessons and clubs. Some children thrive on team sports; others prefer individual activities. Some activities, like tennis and swimming, can be enjoyed for a lifetime and are much easier to learn during childhood.


    Ditch the Car

    If it's safe to walk or bike rather than drive, do so. Use stairs instead of elevators and escalators. Increase the distances you and your children walk.


    Focus on P.E.

    Stay involved in your child's physical education classes at school. At daycare, make sure the kids exercise at least 20 minutes a day.


    Hold Off On the Homework

    Discourage homework immediately after school to let children find some diversion from the structure of the school day. Kids should be active after school and before dinner.


    Give the Gift of Fitness

    Choose fitness-oriented gifts: a jump rope, mini-trampoline, tennis racket, baseball bat, a youth membership at the local YMCA or YWCA. Select the gift with your child's skills and interests in mind.


    Boredom Busters

    When your children are bored, suggest something that gets them moving, like playing catch or building a snowman in the yard.




    5 Steps to Build Endurance


     5 Steps to Build Endurance