• Special Education Program

     Special Education Program

    Ms. B. Woodbury, Special Education Department Chair-bernardette.woodbury@pgcps.org

    Dr. W Young, Transition Program Coordinator-wanda.young@pgcps.org

     Mr. L. Wertz, Special Education Secretary-thomas.wertz@pgcps.org

    Kenmoor Middle School's Special Education Program  supports the County Office of Special Education in their Mission Statement to provide specialized instruction for students with disabilities in the least restrictive environment. Kenmoor's Special Education  Program ensures that students with disabilities have the same opportunity as their non-disabled age peers to participate and progress in the general education curriculum, to the extent appropriate.

    The Transition Program at Kenmoor Middle School provides a unique educational program for emotionally disturbed adolescents ages 12-14. Our program is designed to service students who need an educational environment that is highly structured, yet sensitive and supportive to the individual needs of each student and their families.  In addition, students are expected to show consistent academic and behavioral improvement by satisfying our program's specific criteria for progression toward mainstreaming.