• Professional School Counselor

    Code of Conduct

    At the beginning of the year, the students meet with Ms. Williams to review the Code of Conduct.  To view the Code of Conduct and to access more information follow this link:  Parent Information

    Dream Team
     The Dream Team is a counselor-led mentoring program that encourages academic and social growth by students practicing with  test-taking skills, study skills, leadership skills, and team-building activities.


    G.O.L.D. Team stands for Generating Outstanding Leadership Development
    This group works with students to have a peaceful, safe learning environment.  Each day they poll the teachers to make sure it has been a peaceful day and then the number of peaceful days is posted in the main hall for all to see.  Incentives are offered for reaching the 50, 100, and 150 day markers.  The students also get leadership training quarterly through PGCPS with community leaders.


              Groups are organized as needs arise.  Some examples of groups might be to help with organization
    and study skills, dealing with emotions such as anger, dealing with grief, making friends, assertiveness, etc.


    Middle School Transition            Website with Interesting Middle School Information from PBS

                 How to Open a Locker Practice Video


    Wee Deliver           To help facilitate writing for a purpose, the Wee Deliver team is an in-school mail delivery service for students to write notes or letters to their friends or teachers.