• History

    School History

     Judith P. Hoyer Facility has specialized in early childhood education since its opening in 1993-1994.

     Judith P. Hoyer Montessori originated as Cheverly Tuxedo Elementary School in 1927. The school and the community of Cheverly have a long history of working together. The school was expanded to include more classrooms and a state-of-the-art gymnasium and theatre, to be used by the school and the community. Eventually, the school closed temporarily, however the community continued to use the gymnasium. In 1993, renovation on the building began and was overseen by Judy Hoyer, Coordinator of Prince George's County Public Schools Early Childhood Education. The school was then reopened as Cheverly Early Childhood Center.

     In 1993, the Center became the home for four pre-kindergarten classrooms, one Head Start Classroom, one kindergarten classroom and one Montessori-style, mixed-age classroom for four- and five-year olds. The facility also housed the Prince George's County Schools Early Childhood Offices. The programs within the building became a successful model for the Prince George's County Early Childhood Program. At the untimely passing of Judy Hoyer, the building was renamed Judith P. Hoyer Early Childhood Center. The staff continued to follow in Judy's footsteps by putting children first and foremost.

     In 2010, it became a full Montessori school. There were three primary classrooms (for children ages 3-6), two lower elementary classrooms (for children ages 6-9), and one upper elementary classroom (for children ages 9-12). In 2012 Judith P Hoyer Montessori moved to its current location in Landover, MD where there are now six primary classrooms (for children ages 3-6), four lower elementary classrooms (for children ages 6-9), two upper elementary classrooms (for children ages 9-12), and in 2014 they added 7th grade to begin their middle school program.