Uniform Policy

 Uniform Policy 

James Ryder Randall is a Mandatory Uniform School. The uniform policy will be enforced for all students participating in all day Preschool (4 Yr Old classes) and grades Pre K - 5.

Each student must be dressed each day as follows:


NAVY BLUE pants, jumpers, skirts, skorts


WHITE or RED (dress or polo, long or short sleeve) with a collar


Burgundy or Navy Blue (the sweater or the vest is optional)


Leather: solid black; or Sneakers or Tennis shoes: solid black or white (no stripes or designs)


 Solid Blue or white socks or tights


Black (Baggy pants are not acceptable)

James Ryder Randall continues to be a Mandatory Uniform School. The Mandatory School Uniform Policy is one that requires students to wear the adopted system-wide uniform.  It is required that your child wears this uniform to school each day.  Parents will be notified when students are not properly attired.  Students are dressed appropriately when:

  • Shirts are worn tucked into the pants with belts showing.
  • Colored shirts are not showing under the uniform shirts.
  • Skirts, dresses and shorts comply with the Prince George’s County fingertip policy.

Parent(s) or guardian(s) who disagree with the adopted mandatory school uniform policy may opt-out of participation in this new requirement for the duration of this policy at the school.  A student whose parents have exercised their rights to opt-out of this uniform policy will be reassigned to another school.  Please see that your child conforms each day.


  1. First violation, the classroom teacher will document and contact the parents/guardians.  Parents will be asked to bring the child a change of clothing in order for the child to remain in the classroom.
  2. Second violation the teacher will refer the student to the administration, who will contact the parents/guardians by telephone AND in writing that a second violation has occurred.  Again, the parent will be asked to bring the child a change of clothing in order for the child to remain in the classroom.
  3. Third violation, a parent/student/administrative conference will be held.  A final warning will be given to the student and his/her parents/guardians advising them that another violation may result in formal disciplinary actions being taken.
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