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 Ms. James2(1) 

Ms. Fredina James, Professional School Counselor

 Meet the Counselor 


School Counseling Program Mission Statement

The Counseling department at James Ryder Randall Elementary School provides a comprehensive school counseling program, focusing on academic, personal/social and career development within a safe, supportive, caring and nurturing environment so that all children achieve success in school and are prepared to lead fulfilling lives as responsible members of society. 


Program Goal Statements


To help students understand themselves as learners and encourage them to develop skills that will enable them to reach their academic potential.


To assist student to be aware of one’s beliefs and interests and to develop a positive self-image.


To provide students with the opportunities to assess personal interests and aptitudes in relation to career interests.






• When a student indicates that they are worried about being bullied  • When a student verbalizes that they are depressed or show signs of depression  • When a student has experienced thoughts about suicide and/or hurting others  • When a student is dealing with a lot of internal family problems (situations like      
   divorce, separations, and death)  
• When a student appears to be dealing with identity issues  • When a student demonstrates being stressed and anxious frequently  • When a student is involved with drugs and alcohol  • When a student is talking about dropping out of school  • When a student has intense fears of violence and terrorism  • When a student is unsure about dealing with transition beyond high school  • When a student expresses low self esteem  • When a student is experiencing a change in academic performance  • When a student has difficulty with a relationship with students, adults and  persons of authority  

• When a student is not performing on grade level  • When a student is having difficulty with a particular academic domain  • When a student appears to be having severe learning problems  • When a student is acting out inappropriately   When a student has a high number of absenteeism from class  • When a student appears unable to stay on task  • When a student does not complete assignments  • When a student needs a schedule change  • When a student is having difficulty with one or more teachers  • When a student has questions regarding graduation requirements  • When a student has questions regarding SAT/ACT and PSAT tests  • When a student has questions regarding Advanced Placement courses  
• When a student ­athlete has questions regarding NCAA Clearinghouse 


• When a student wants additional information about a career  • When a student is undecided regarding future job/career  • When a student wants to participate in a job shadowing experience  • When a student needs an Personal Education Plan  • When a student desires to participate in Early Admissions  • When a student needs information regarding Concurrent Enrollment  • When a student wants to participate in Release Time  • When a student is selecting courses for upcoming school year  • When a student is looking for the College Preparation Checklist  • When a student desires to attend the Annual College and Career Fairs at Prince George's Community College

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