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    James Ryder Randall Elementary School
    5410 Kirby Road
    Clinton, MD 20735
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    Ms. S. Roxanne Brooks-Butler, Principal

    Mrs. Teri King, Assistant Principal

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      JRR's Parent Letter 2020-2021

      August, 2020 

      Greetings Mustang Family,

      I hope that you have had a relaxing and safe summer with your families. It is now time to usher in a new school year! Can you believe school starts in less than 22 days! We are eager to start the year and provide robust virtual learning opportunities that challenge and cultivate our children. We are looking forward to sharing the digital learning experience with you and your child as we continue to be committed to the promise of student achievement through culture, data, and performance. Our theme this year is, “Survivor: Out Plan, Out Prepare, Outperform”. Together we will plan and prepare for the unchartered territory of a rigorous virtual distance learning program. With your help and support, we will outperform any goal and target we set this year! 

      During the upcoming school year, it will be extremely important that you take an active role in your child’s learning. Parents and families play a crucial role in the academic success of our students. Therefore, school and parent communication will be critical to ensuring we all stay connected. Ways to support and increase your child’s academic success include: 


      *Make attendance a PRIORITY including limiting tardiness and absences especially in our new virtual classrooms

      *Check SchoolMax parent portal regularly to stay informed of student progress

      *Communicate often with your child's teacher via email or class dojo

      *Read with your child at least 20 minutes a day

      *Limit screen time (computer and television), and encourage outside play when virtual classes are not in session


      James Ryders Randall School's mission is to provide a great education that empowers all students and contributes to thriving communities. As always, we look forward to partnering with you in order to ensure a successful school year. The educational needs of students can best be served through a collaborative approach between parents, teachers, and administrators. Therefore, we invite you to participate and support the many virtual events and activities we have planned throughout the school year. 

      Take a deep breath in...hold it for 5 seconds and let it out. Repeat this several times before proceeding. Remember we are here to support you and we are in this together. We appreciate and value your partnership and look forward to working with you this school year. 

      Distance Virtual Learning 20-21 

      Mustang Family, we all must practice patience and flexibility during this time as we work together to provide the best learning experience for our students during this COVID-19 pandemic. There are many questions and concerns that we all have and I am committed to transparency and 

      providing you with relevant information as I receive it. Therefore, listed below is the most current information I have (found in the reopening plan). 

      What time will school be in session during distance virtual learning? Students will participate in a full day of school, from 9:30am-3:40pm. Students are late at 9:40am. The attendance policy, AP5113, will be followed during distance/virtual learning. 

      Will attendance be taken? Short answer, YES! Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) continues to follow the state and local guidance in collection of student and teacher attendance. There is currently a procedure in place to identify the process in which attendance is both collected and reported for both students and teachers. PGCPS is responsible for identifying, collecting and transmitting data to local, state and federal agencies for purposes of compliance, accountability and school system funding for student attendance. Strong monitoring of systems, implementation of a streamlined process, and using objective and accurate data related to attendance collection is crucial. 

      Physical and virtual attendance will be collected in the 2020-2021 school year and daily attendance procedures will be communicated so all stakeholders know PGCPS’ definition of being considered present. 

      Attendance for Students during Distance Learning Instruction: Teachers will take attendance at the beginning of each day in SchoolMax. Attendance will be reviewed again after lunch to ensure students return virtually and are accounted for. In the event a student does not return for the afternoon, the student should be recorded as attending school for a 1⁄2 day and contact made with the home to ensure the student is safe. 

      Students are expected to be in attendance for class daily and present for each session. 

      Special attendance code used for students who are online learning. 

      After an absence, students are required to provide an absence note in order to be considered lawfully absent. 

      Will students receive textbooks? The school is assembling a team of staff volunteers to come in and assist in preparing items for distribution. Once the materials have been received, sorted and packed, we will post the schedule for pick-up on our webpage. `Please understand that multiple distribution dates may be necessary as we will distribute materials as they arrive--some materials may be available prior to the start of the school year, while others may not. 

      When will the school supply list be available? 

      The school supply list will be universal to all schools this year. The list is being created by the Office of Curriculum and Instruction. It will be posted on the school website once it is available. 

      When will ChromeBooks be distributed? Nationally, there has been a high demand for the procurement of electronic devices, which has resulted in delay of receiving them for PGCPS. An order has been placed and PGCPS is awaiting delivery. We have some devices available for distribution. If you are new to PGCPS or did not receive one last year you will have the opportunity to pick one up when you come for your textbooks and other materials. If we do not have enough devices onsite it is anticipated that additional devices will be available by September 21, 2020. Once received, you will be notified and a date and time will be scheduled for you to pick up a device. Your understanding is appreciated. 

      Will students have to wear a uniform? While students are not required to wear uniforms, it is suggested that students are up showered and dressed appropriately for school daily. Students will not be permitted to wear pajamas, hats, head scarves/bonnets, or other clothing not permitted when they attend school regularly. 

      Will students receive letter grades this year? Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) is committed to providing our students with an educational program based on instructional practices that are rooted in educational research and support student achievement. To support these efforts and establish a system where assignments and assessment both inform and drive instruction as well as provide an accurate measure of a student’s academic achievement, we will incorporate an equitable grading practice in every content area to ensure all learners’ academic success is measured with fidelity. 

      A systemic grading procedure provides guidance to administrators and teachers in the implementation of the grading and reporting systems to be used in prekindergarten, kindergarten, and Grades 1 through 12 in all elementary, middle, and high schools and centers in Prince George’s County Public Schools. As defined in COMAR (Code of Maryland Regulations) 13A.03.02.08, each local school system shall develop a written policy on grading and reporting. The PGCPS grading procedures have been developed according to COMAR regulations and outline a process so that all students can learn and achieve at high levels, rigorous performance standards and achievement standards are embedded as essential components of developing and delivering quality instruction, and regular assessment is an important component of an effective teaching and learning environment and an important tool in measuring students’ learning. School-based administrators, teachers and students will be familiar with procedures to ensure that grading and reporting policies are applied consistently within their school for hybrid and virtual learners. 

      Content supervisors reviewed grading factors (homework, classwork, assessments) for appropriateness for face-to-face learners/hybrid and virtual learners as defined by each of the three factors. 

      Teachers will collect a minimum of two grades per week for elementary/middle/high (per period/class) depending on the number of meetings/periods 

      Assignments will remain the same weight for class work, homework and assessments by course/grade band and will receive a letter or numerical grade ~ DRAFT George’s County Public Schools Reopening Plan SY 2020-2021 pg77 

      PGCPS’ Grading Administrative Procedure 5121 was updated to include language geared toward expectations and updates in grading factors to include distance learning. AP 5121.1 Elementary School, AP 5121.2 Middle School, AP 5121.3 High School 

      The “N” grade language in Administrative Procedure 5121 was updated to indicate how an “N” grade is awarded for transfer students and missing quarter grades during distance learning. 

      Will students return back to the building this year? PGCPS will start the school year with full distance learning for the first semester. Students will participate daily in a full school day of instruction with classes aligned to Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) requirements. Teachers will have the option of providing instruction from home utilizing curriculum documents and resources or using their classroom to provide instruction during the workday. Starting December 1, 2020, PGCPS will reassess the impact of COVID-19 on our state, county and school system. During this time, a parent survey will be distributed for input on the feasibility of transitioning to a hybrid learning model or maintaining the full distance learning model for the remainder of the 2020-21 school year. 

      Will students receive breakfast and lunch? All schools will serve as meal distribution sites. Breakfast and lunch will be offered. Meals will be pre-packaged and distributed two days per week (pick up during distance learning is on Mondays and Wednesdays only, pick-up time from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM). Monday meal pick up are meals for Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday pick up meals are for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Lunch will also be available for purchase each day. If needed, please complete the Free and Reduced Meals application online, click here. NOTE: Students will need to provide their pin number in order to receive meals. If you do not know the pin number, information will be forthcoming. 

      As I continue to receive more information, you will find updates on the  school website as well as through teacher communications. I will also hold a parent zoom meeting on Monday August 24, 2020 at 10am or 2pm (whichever time works best for you) to go over the latest updates and answer any question you may have.  Please see the parent information session link below:

      K-5 Parent meeting link

      As always, if you have questions or would like to speak with me I can be reached via email at


      Roxanne Brooks-Butler, Principal

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