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    James Ryder Randall Elementary School
    5410 Kirby Road
    Clinton, MD 20735
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    Ms. S. Roxanne Brooks-Butler, Principal

    Mrs. Teri King, Assistant Principal

    Ms. Amanda Smith, ECC Coordinator

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      Parents/Guardians, please join the JRR ListServ for the SY 2020-2021


      Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) Virtual Summer Learning Programs offer students opportunities for acceleration, enrichment, credit recovery, or original credit during the summer. In Summer 2020, all programs will be offered virtually and there are no fees to participate.  Use this guide to review the available options and learn how to apply. 

      Information in this posting may be updated. Summer offerings may change, so please check this document for updates. For more details, email your Professional School Counselor in Contact Information for the program. The Summer Programs Office by email address is

      Final Grades

      Grades for the credit recovery and original credit program will be posted to SchoolMAX one week after the summer program is completed. There are no grades for enrichment and bridge programs.

      Students Not Enrolled in a PGCPS

      Summer programs are not available for non-PGCPS students.

      Program Definitions

      • Bridge programs prepare students with the academic skills to successfully transition from middle to high school.

      • Enrichment programs provide students with an extended learning experience.

      • Original Credit programs offer credits that count toward fulfilling requirements for graduation that a student has not previously attempted.

      • Credit Recovery allows middle and high school students the opportunity to earn previously attempted credits to meet promotion or graduation requirements.


      This section was last updated: 2020-05-28

      Program Description

      Opportunities will be extended for students in grades PreK-Grade 5 to continue distance learning via Distance Learning TV on channels 38 (Verizon) and 96 (Comcast).

      Students in selected schools in grades PreK-5 will continue to engage in Distance Learning TV as well as virtual learning experiences using iRead, iReady and Dreambox. (Selected schools are listed on page 4)

      Lessons provided for students in grades PreK-5 include learning opportunities for students which are aligned to 4th quarter instructional learning standards. The PGCPS Distance Learning TV schedule is provided within the Newsletter for Parents, Engage PGCPS. 

      Who Should Apply

      All students may participate in Distance Learning TV on channels 38 (Verizon) and 96 (Comcast).

      How To Apply


      There is no application process for K-5 summer programs.


      Contact Information

      Parents should contact their child(rens) school for additional information.


      Class Sessions

      Program Dates:  July 1 - July 31, 2020 

      Distance Learning TV:  9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

      iRead, iReady and Dreambox are readily accessible to students who attend selected schools at all times. 


      Additional Information

      Students in the following Elementary Schools will need their PGCPS username and password to access their account for iRead, iReady and Dreambox via the PGCPS Clever platform for the following selected schools:


      Cora Rice


      Samuel Chase


      District Heights

      North Forestville

      Samuel P. Massie

      Andrew Jackson Academy 

      Francis Scott Key

      Oxon Hill

      Springhill Lake

      Barnaby Manor

      Hillcrest Heights

      Port Towns


      Bradbury Heights

      J. Frank Dent


      Waldon Woods

      Carmody Hills

      John Bayne 


      William Beanes

      Clinton Grove

      Judge Sylvania Woods

      Rose Valley

      William Hall Academy

      Have a wonderful Summer, JRR Family!


      Also follow us at

      Twitter: @JamesRyderRand1

      Facebook: JamesRyder Randall

      Instagram: @JRRMustang


    • 2020-2021 Registration Information

      Attention, Parents! For more information about registration procedure click here.

      Registration online, click here.

    • Technology, Say WHAAAAT?!!!!!

      Google Classroom pic

      Tech Tips for Parents CLICK ME


      Please log in to gmail (under PGCPS website) using your CHILD's

           a. Username (e.g. jane-smith)

           b. Password (e.g. jrand####)

      If you don't know your child's USERNAME and/or PASSWORD contact:

      Gina Weaver  (click her name and email her)

      VIDEOS for:

      Clever access - Click Me

      Google Classroom Access - Click Me


      How to access the CLEVER app: VIDEO

      Google classroom for FIRST TIMERS (using Chromebook/Desktop)


      1. Go to PGCPS website, locate and click on GMAIL (top part of the page).

      2. Put your username (jane-smith) and password.

      If you do not know your email address, have your parent email your teacher.

      3. In your email, click the invitation from your teacher (click JOIN).

      4. You are in your google classroom and ready to navigate the tabs in the classroom.



      1. Go to PGCPS website, locate and click on GMAIL (top part of the page).

      2. Put your username (jane-smith) and password.

      If you do not know your email address, have your parent email your teacher.

      3. In your email, locate and click the 9 dots on the top right corner (it looks like a waffle icon - called the apps launcher)

      4. Locate Classroom.

      5. Click on your specific classroom then you are ready to navigate within the classroom.


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      *NOTE: School Meal Prices have been updated. Click here for details.
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