• Creative Artisans

    Creative Artisans (ALL GRADES)

    Coretta Montue – Spanish – Team Leader – Rm. 111B

    Annette Medina – Spanish – Rm. 109

    Joanne Sarter – French – Rm. 100

    Alain Moise – French – Rm. 101

    Tawana Carr – Reading – Rm. 113

    Justin Newberger – Orchestra – Rm. 115

    Brian Butler – Chorus/Band – Rm. 117

    Debra Johnson – Academic Resource – Rm. 103

    Ursula Martin – Entrepreneurship/Media, Tech, & Design – Rm. 114A

    Aretha Lampkins-Miller – Journalism – Rm. 114B

    Ivy Daniels – Start Up Tech/Media, Tech, & Design – Rm. 116A

    Jenee Randolph – Dance – Gym

    Jeffery Hebron – Art – Rm. 111A



    Spanish 2nd quarter IB project

    Objective: The students will create a *SPANISH* poem in the form of a HAIKU to demonstrate knowledge of the spoken and written language with precision, from the 2nd quarter, Can Do statements, on a student constructed winter symbol!

    GLOBAL CONCEPT: Personal & Cultural Expression

    RELATED CONCEPTS: Accent & Patterns

    KEY CONCEPT: “Aesthetics” -The study of aesthetics develops skills for the critical appreciation and analysis of art, culture, and nature   
    Each grade had the same objective however the language and grammar were based upon the curriculum 
    *NOTE - Interdisciplinary Connections :
    Geography - Hemispheres /Science-seasons/Visual Arts/ELA conventions/Math & Music = patterns/Social Studies - Japanese culture

    The Madison Current


    January 20199

    Welcome Back!!!!!

    We had so much fun for winter break! But now the break is over. It’s time to get back to work. Here are some general tips to get you back on track for school.  

    Restock all of your supplies.

    If you have been working hard so far, you should be almost out of pretty much everything.  So go to the dollar store and stock up on more mechanical pencils, pens, paper, journals, markers, and poster boards.

    Get a new Calendar to write down assignments.

    It’s now 2019 and it’s time to get organized.  Start by getting a new calendar. Make sure you start writing all assignments and projects and upcoming tests on your calendar so you can stay up to date on your work.

    Set Goals For The Year.

    If you don’t map out where you want to go you will get lost.  You need to sit down and figure out what you want to accomplish for 2019.  Make a plan, and follow through.

    If you follow these tips you will definitely have a successful second semester. Remember, failing to plan means planning to fail.

    Principal’s Corner

    Happy New Year JMMS family!  I am so excited to enter into the second half of the 2018-19 school year; my how "time flies!"  I encourage everyone to remain focused on your academics and becoming a well-rounded Madison IB Scholar.  This year we are striving to show gratitude every day in our daily lives. I want you to know how grateful I am to be the Principal of the BEST Middle School in the world!  We are the BEST because of you. Let us all continue to make right choices, be grateful for all blessings, and remain mindful to help to those less fortunate than us. As always, let's make this a great year...the CHOICE is yours!  Love you much!

    Mrs. King

    Schedule of Events for January

    January 9th - Last Regular Season Basketball  Game against Lincoln Public Charter

    January 11th - Nacho Social w/ PBIS

    January 21st - School Closed for Martin Luther King Jr. Day

    January 25th - End of Second Quarter

    January 28th - Professional Day for Teachers - 2 Hr. Early Dismissal for Students      

    -Seth Eckert