• Administrative Staff & Specialists

       2018-2019 School Year   



          Yolanda G. Cosby   

    Administrative Assistant

        Tracey Johnson                                                      


        Mercedes Albanez  

    Parent Engagement Assistant 

        Gabriela Gamez 




    Related Service Providers and Specialists  

    School Nurses

        Immaculata Nkoronye    

        Lucy Akinmuyisan

    Adapted Aquatics 

        Quinton White

    Adapted Physical Education  

         Stephen Wolf  

    Professional School Counselor

        Alicia Green  

    Physical Therapists  

        Gordon Cwynar  

    Speech and Language Pathologist 

        Rachel Kuczma 

    Occupational Therapists 

        Tia Evans  

        Deborah Carr

    School Psychologist

        Lora Mercer 

    Autism Specialist

        Stacy Linton    

    Orientation & Mobility 

        Frances Mescall


        Valerie Bleau  


        Susan Howard  

    Custodial Staff                        

        Jesse Townsend                                                                      

        Ingri Rodriguez   

        Earnest Davis   

    Cafeteria Manager