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Enrollment Information for Parents in English

Enrollment Information for Parents in Spanish (Información sobre matriculas en español).

All students, K - 12 (Pre-K and Head Start students may register directly at the school), who are in the following categories, are required to begin registration for school at the International Student Counseling Office (ISCO) before being admitted to their assigned boundary schools:

  • All students with a primary language in the home other than English as indicated on the Student Registration Form, PA-14.
  • All students with birth certificates and/or school records/transcripts from a country outside of the United States (this does not include students with Consular Reports of Birth Abroad of a Citizen of the United States of America/Consular Report of Birth - FS 240 or school transcripts issued by a Department of Defense (DOD) School abroad).

Student in pre-K and Head Start register directly at their boundary school if a program is available, and school registrars forward the registration information to the ISCO for recording.

The family (or school personnel assisting the family) should call the International Student Counseling Office at 301-445-8460 to  schedule an appointment before going to the office.  This procedure will ensure that the family has all the necessary documents to register and that a counselor will be available to complete the registration.  The ISCO will provide students with any other necessary registration papers.

Students already enrolled in a Prince George's County Public School may transfer from one school to another within the county without going through the ISCO again.  If a student is enrolled in the ESOL Program, the original school should call the ESOL Office, at 301-445-8450, with the new address for the name of the appropriate transfer school.

If there are any questions pertaining to who should enroll through the International Student Counseling Office, please call 301-445-8460.

(From Bulletin S-03-07)

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