Hotline Policy and Procedures

Objective To provides a confidential means for employees and citizens to anonymously report suspected wrongdoing, including waste, fraud, and abuse of PGCPS resources.  Phone calls and online reports may be submitted directly to an independent, third party hotline vendor. 

Scope Phone calls received through the hotline or similar sources (e.g. mail).
Purpose To establish procedures for the receipt of documents, handling of hotline calls, review of allegations, and resolution of problems. 


Supervision of Program
The Internal Audit Director is responsible for the oversight, coordination, review and investigation of allegations reported under this program.
Vendor Management of Hotline Calls
The Hotline Vendor receives calls and online reports. The caller is given a reference number for the report as a portal for subsequent communication regarding the report that was made.  The hotline vendor records the details in the hotline database and sends a notification to the Internal Audit Director that a report has been prepared for review. 

Employees, Vendors and Citizens who call the hotline may remain anonymous.  If the person requests anonymity, no attempt will be made to identify the employee, vendor or citizen.  Information provided must be treated as confidential and privileged to the extent permitted by applicable law.

Hotline investigations will be undertaken in a confidential manner.  Results of investigations are communicated to the Chief Human Resources Officer, Chief Executive Officer, Board of Education Chair and further only to those with a need to know as determined by the Internal Audit Director.

Retaliation against an employee who in good faith filed a report of alleged fraud, waste or abuse or who participated in an investigation is a violation of the Maryland Whistleblower Law.  Such “whistleblower protection” is granted in Section 6-901 et.seq. of the Md Education Article, entitled, "Public School Employee Whistleblower Protection Act".

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