Benefits of an Audit

Internal Audits are conducted primarily pursuant to an annual audit plan of activities that is developed by the Director of Internal Audit.  Audits may also be requested by management.  Some of the benefits of an Internal Audit includes: 

  • Identification of deviations from management's policies and procedures and expectations
  • Identification of controls that could be strengthened
  • Objective assessment of areas of interest to management
  • Confirmation that existing controls and procedures are adequate
  • Recommendation for controls to prevent and detect fraud, waste and  abuse 
  • Identification of economies and efficiencies
  • Identification of opportunities for recoveries of PGCPS assets
  • Confidential investigation of reported allegations
  • Identification of opportunities to automate procedures
  • Assurance of automated computer controls
  • Compliance audits of schools, offices, departments, programs, grants
  • Performance of special request engagements

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