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     HISTORY and Philosophy

    Indian Queen Elementary School (IQES) is a comprehensive school site located in Fort Washington, MD. The area is named for the fort built to protect Washington, DC from enemy advances along the Potomac River during the War of 1812. It is located south of downtown Washington, DC and west of Maryland Route 210.  The community is predominantly made up of prosperous African Americans. The school is located near the National Harbor. 

    We service students in Pre-Kindergarten (4 years old) to 6th grade (11 years old). Pre-K students are taught with the Pre-K MD College and Career Readiness Standards with support from FrogStreet. We use the Common Core State Standards as the driver of our rigorous curriculum for Kindergarten through 6th grade. We also service students for whom English is their second Language and students who have Individual Education Plans (IEP) or 504 Plans.

    What you can expect at IQES:

    • Dedicated Principal with 23 years of experience to PGCPS
    • Talented staff with 75% having Advanced Placement Certificates
    • NAEYC-certified Pre-K Teacher
    • 5 Staff Members who are Award Winners
    • NBCT ESOL Teacher
    • 1 Teacher and the Principal hold Doctorates of Education
    • 85% of staff return each year
    • 95% student attendance rate
    • Class size (22 average) 
    • 59% of students reading toward College and Career Readiness
    • 1 computer lab, 9 Chromebook mobile carts, 1 I-PAD mobile cart
    • Each classroom has 4 touchscreen computers
    • Diversity celebrations school-wide each month
    • 10 clubs/groups for student involvement after-school 
    • National Elementary Honor Society Membership (22 members)
    • 71% (average) of students make Honor Roll each quarter
    • At least 20 events for family engagement
    • Quarterly field trips to support the curriculum and encourage social development
    • Positive school climate with a focus on child development
    • Safe and supportive learning environment 
    • 2 community partnerships (MNCPPC and Fort Foote Baptist Church)
    • Pod Conversion Project completed 2018