• Uniform

     HMS Uniform Policy 2018-2019

    Uniform Code for All HMS students:

    · School uniforms: khaki pants/shorts/skirts and polo shirts


     grade 6 uniform example            grade 7 uniform                      grade 8 uniform example                                                         

     6th. grade: Goldenrod/Gold Shirts                     7th. grade: Royal Blue shirts                                8th. grade: Black shirts

    · Optional white undershirts beneath polo shirts, undergarments should not be visible beneath uniforms

    Sweaters are acceptable in the winter: color options are grey, navy blue, and black NO HOODIES ALLOWED! 

    Scarves should not be worn indoors* as they prohibit identification of students and appropriate grade level color polo shirt.  (*Scarves may be worn for religious purposes)

    There is no requirement in the Hyattsville Middle School Uniform code with respect to shoes or belts. Students are expected to follow the PGCPS dress code in those regards. The PGCPS dress code states: 


    Skirts, Dresses, and Shorts:

    Skirts, dresses, and shorts should be no shorter than the length of the individual's fingertip.  


    Pants should be worn and secured at the waist.  Pants should not be worn below the waist exposing undergarments.  Tights, stretch pants, leggings and spandex body suits must be worn with clothing long enough to cover the buttocks.    


    Shoes must be worn.  

     The following local stores are just some of the locations where school uniform shirts can be purchased:

    • Target
    • WalMart
    • J.C. Penny
    • Marshalls

    Please note: This is not a comprehensive list, nor does PGCPS recommend any of these stores over any other.  There are many other fine stores in Hyattsville community that can provide uniform shirts, in addition to being able to purchase uniform shirts online.  If you have any questions, please contact the school at (301) 209-5830.