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    Shape Up PreK image 1

    Shape Up! (Planetarium)
    Come find shapes in the sky and in everyday life along with Freddy the Frog! Read more!

    Shape Up K image 1

    Shape Up! (Planetarium)
    Come and use shapes to build pictures in the sky! Read more!
    Tiny Trekkers 1
    Grade Kindergarten
    Tiny Trekkers
    3-2-1 Lift Off! Imagine being an astronaut and taking a trip to space! Tiny Trekkers put on their “uniforms”, then tour and launch inside our Challenger simulator. After, they experience hands-on NGSS based stations that are just like those of real astronauts! Come join our crew! Grade K Read More!  

    You sunshine
    Grade 1
    You are my Sunshine (Planetarium)
    When little Patrick gets a bad case of sunburn he mistakenly wishes that the Earth didn’t even have a Sun. Join Patrick and his friends as they discover how our wonderful sun heats and lights the Earth, helps plants to grow, keeps solar system planets in orbit, provides power and even makes it possible for us to see the moon. Program activities will also show students how to detect UV radiation and prevent sunburn.  Read more!

    Mimic 1
    Grade 1
    Mimic Me 
    Umbrellas mimic trees providing cover from the rain. Glow sticks mimic fireflies lighting up the night. Alarms mimic the warning cries of birds when danger is near. What do these all have in common? Human problems solved by mimicking the natural world. Can you design a solution to a problem using mimicry? Come find out!  Read more!

    SQ 1 image 1
    Grades 1 
    Science Quest
    Teachers, welcome to fourth quarter Science Quest! Come on in to the place where your students take advantage of observing, while in an investigative setting. Your primary students explore the natural phenomena of how some plants and animals share identifying properties, which are not always exactly the same as their adult offspring. They seek for recognizable markings to support their assumptions, as they examine on-site animals/plants, ‘Power Station’ activities and our computer software!  Read more!


     SQ 2 image 1

    Grades 2
    Science Quest
    Teachers, welcome to Science Quest! Visit our center where your students take advantage of observing, while in an investigative setting. Your second graders explore the natural phenomena of how plants and animals share identifiable habitats, which are often very diverse. They seek naturally existing features in environments to compare their diversity, as they examine on-site animals/plants. ‘Power Station’ activities and more are shared parts of the experience!  Read more!
    water wall 1
    Grade 4
    Go with the Flow: A.K.A Water Wall
    Go with the flow and and start designing with this exciting engineering program. Students work as engineering design teams to create a path for water to flow down the wall without any leaks.  Read more!

    mBot 1
    Grades 5
    mBot3 Computer Science Robotics Engineering Program
    Visiting 5th grade students participating in HBOSC’s “mBot3 Robotics Engineering Computer Science Program” will select, build, test and code mBot3 Ranger ROVER robots equipped with science sensor payloads to perform specified mission to Mars science data collection tasks.  Read more!

    zombie mud crabs 1
    Grade 6
    Zombie Mud Crab Invasion!
    The zombie outbreak is here and now!! Find out what's happening in the Chesapeake Bay with native mud crabs and the terrifying relationship they form with Loxo parasite!
     Read more!

    CSI 1
    Grades 6-8
    Putting the Science in CSI: Intro to Forensics
    What does forensic science have to do with science and probability? How often does forensic science prove guilt? Learn some forensic science skills and simulate the first day of a forensic science internship
    Read more!


    Expedition Mars1Mars 2
    Grades 6-8 & 9-12
    Expedition Mars
    Your student crew is searching for signs of life on Mars, when a rogue asteroid comes barreling out of the sky, headed right for Mars Base! Can the rovers carry the crew to safety? Can the crew build a remote rover in time to complete the mission? Read more!