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    round and round 1
    Grade 1
    Round & Round (Planetarium)
    Give me evidence the Earth is round! And let’s go moon hunting to explore its changing phases. Read more!


    Tiny Trekkers 1
    Grade 1
    Tiny Trekkers
    3-2-1 Lift Off! Imagine being an astronaut and taking a trip to space! Tiny Trekkers put on their “uniforms”, then tour and launch inside our Challenger simulator. After, they experience hands-on NGSS based stations that are just like those of real astronauts! Come join our crew! Grade 1 Read More!  

    Digging 1
    Grade 3
    Digging into the Past
    What can fossils tell us about the organisms from the past and those on Earth today? Come dig into the past and find out! Read more!

    ozobots 1
    Grades 3 &  4
    Ozobots Computer Science/Robotics 
    Visiting 3rd and 4th grade students participating in the Science Center’s “Ozobot Bit Computer Science Engineering Program” will learn about coding robotic platforms as they use both visual and coding editors to program a miniature Ozobot robot to implement a series of fun tasks meeting specified outcome criteria. Visiting students will also learn how to evaluate and if necessary, debug their program scripts. Read more!

    sensational 1
    Grade 4
    Your students are invited to kick-into-high-gear their brainpower to become energy savvy fourth grade participants! During this program students test models, define the type of energy observed, determine if energy transfer took place, and if so they explain, as well as give the resulting outcome. Read more!

    Astro Blast Part 2 image 1
    Grade 5
    Astronomy Blast! Part 2 -Seasons and Spheres (Planetarium)
    Fifth grade and MISA are full of fun astronomy concepts! Come immerse yourself under the planetarium sky and engage in interactive activities to explore the position of the sun and shadows through the seasons, identifying atmospheric gases, and MORE! Read more!

    Game of Codes 2
    Grades 5 & 6
    Game of Codes
    Interested in coding? Like games? Combine the two together in this four hour engineering and design program. Read more!

    wind power
    Grade 6
    Wind Power
    Students get the power to use renewable energy to make electricity, look inside of a generator, and discuss why Prince George’s County doesn’t produce wind power. Read more!

    CSI 1
    Grades 6-8
    Putting the Science in CSI: Intro to Forensics
    What does forensic science have to do with science and probability? How often does forensic science prove guilt? Learn some forensic science skills and simulate the first day of a forensic science internship
    Read more!

     impact 1

    Grades 6-8
    Impact! A Case for Uranus (Planetarium)
    Uranus is strange! Not only does it rotate backwards, it’s tipped over on its side! Why? How? Explore the early solar system to unlock some of its mysteries and other mysteries of the solar system. Read more!
    Expedition Mars1Mars 2
    Grades 6-8 & 9-12
    Expedition Mars
    Your student crew is searching for signs of life on Mars, when a rogue asteroid comes barreling out of the sky, headed right for Mars Base! Can the rovers carry the crew to safety? Can the crew build a remote rover in time to complete the mission? Read more!


    Gel 1
    Grades 11-12

    AP Gel Electrophoresis
    “RFLPs show DNA broken down based on A-T-G-Cs!?” Let’s unpack all of that in this 4-hour AP Bio lab by performing gel electrophoresis and studying natural and engineered modification of DNA. Read more!