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    Susie snowflake
    Grade K
    Susie's Snowflake (Planetarium)

    We don’t always have a white winter, but it always snows in the planetarium! “Susie’s Snowflake” is a delightful story about a little girl and her experiences investigating snowflakes and stars. In addition, there is a lively interactive demonstration of the amazing properties of air. Read more!


    Tiny Trekkers 1
    Grade 1 & 2
    Tiny Trekkers
    3-2-1 Lift Off! Imagine being an astronaut and taking a trip to space! Tiny Trekkers put on their “uniforms”, then tour and launch inside our Challenger simulator. After, they experience hands-on NGSS based stations that are just like those of real astronauts! Come join our crew! Grade 1 Read More!  Grade 2 Read More!

    Zip Zap Zoink
    Grade 4
    Zip, Zap, Zoink
    Visiting 4th Grade students and teachers will have fun conducting hands-on activities to support claims and provided evidenced explanations of how electrical energy is transferred and transformed in the context of investigation real-world energy phenomenon. Read more!

    heroes 1
    Grade 4
    Heroes of the Sky (Planetarium)
    Walk through the doors of the planetarium, and the transformation is complete: you are now a demigod. Come learn about your relatives in the sky using a Reader’s Theater format, and train using your newly discovered demigod skills! Read more!

    charged up 1
    Grade 5
    Charged Up
    Jump start your fifth graders ‘know how’ - before testing takes over and detains students school-side, with this lab experience! Your students team up with a classmate to test the conductivity of electrical charges in dry, liquid and mixed substances in our lab. Read more!

    rocket launchers 1
    Grade 5
    Rocket Launchers
    Launch into rocket design and engineering with this engaging 4 hour STEM program! Read more!

    ecodetectives 1
    Grade 6
    Ecodetectives (Planetarium)

    Save the night by developing an effective lighting system while working in teams of engineers! Read more!

    wind power
    Grade 6
    Wind Power
    Students get the power to use renewable energy to make electricity, look inside of a generator, and discuss why Prince George’s County doesn’t produce wind power. Read more!

    waters 1
    Grade 6
    Waters of Life and Death
    I’ve heard you don’t drink that nasty tap water! Come compare it to pure water and bottled water. Let’s see what’s in it, how it got there, and whether it’s actually good for you. Read more!

    Grade 7-8
    Waters of Life and Death
     What’s in your tap water? How did it get there? Is tap water unsafe, and bottled water more trustworthy? Learn how invertebrates partner with us as water cleaners and monitors. Read more!

    Expedition Mars1Mars 2
    Grades 6-8 & 9-12
    Expedition Mars
    Your student crew is searching for signs of life on Mars, when a rogue asteroid comes barreling out of the sky, headed right for Mars Base! Can the rovers carry the crew to safety? Can the crew build a remote rover in time to complete the mission? Read more!


    AP Bio
    Grades 11-12

    AP Bioenergetics
    Can cells in seemingly dead dry seeds and shredded leaves perform life functions? What is Bioenergetics? In this 4-hour AP Bio lab, let’s answer those questions and manipulate conditions that affect biochemistry. Read more!